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Industries Energy

With the growing global energy demand, energy companies are faced with fierce competition and challenges. It is imperative for energy companies to upgrade their systems to ICT level to enhance their business competitiveness. The Huawei smart energy solution, integrates digital production and security control, provides secure and reliable networks, and delivers comprehensive communication applications. These promote integration and collaboration of different business segments to improve working efficiency and communication.

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  • Li Ying

    Li Ying

    Energy Industry (oil & gas) Solutions architect
    E-mail: masha.liying@huawei.com
    Li Ying is an architect of energy industry(oil & gas) with over 14 years experience in ICT. He is now focused on designing the Energy Industry ICT Solutions that includes oilfield digital production, digital pipeline, oil & gas company office automation, and security.

  • Deng Weiqiang

    Deng Weiqiang

    Energy Industry Solutions representative
    E-mail: dengweiqiang@huawei.com
    Deng Weiqiang is a representative of Energy Industry Solutions with over 13 years experience in ICT. He is now focused on marketing of Oil, Gas and Mining ICT Solutions, including mining production communication and energy enterprise information management.