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Information and Communication Technology applications are propelling the evolution of the power industry. Power utilities are moving toward a strong, reliable, economic, effective, environment friendly and interactive smart grid era. Huawei power industry ICT solutions cover all segments of this market, including power generation, transmission & transformation, distribution, consumption and dispatching. They enable integration of "power flow", "information flow", and "service flow", and assist power utilities in building a strong, self-healing, compatible, economic, integrated, and optimized smart grid.

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  • Frank Liu

    Frank Liu

    Electric Power Industry Solutions sales
    Email: liufangqing@huawei.com
    Frank Liu works in sales for the electric power industry, and has over 10 years experience in the electric power industry ICT area. Prior to this role, Frank worked at the China Electric Power Research Institute, and brings rich experiences in designing, implementing, and O&M of ICT system for power utilities. He has contributed to digital substation, intelligent substation, distribution automation and other smart grid projects of State Grid.

  • Hongxing Zhang

    Hongxing Zhang

    Power Industry Solutions architect.
    Email: zhanghongxing@huawei.com
    Zhang Hongxing is an architect of power industry solution with over 10 years experience in the field. He is deeply familiar with the segments, including generation, transmission & transformation, distribution, consumption, and dispatching. An expert in designing and implementing dispatching automation and distribution automation, he is now working in the Solutions Plan & Design Dept, and responsible for the Transmission and Distribution Communication System architecture design.