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ICT Insights

This magazine offers a platform for exchanging ideas that open up technology choices and show where the opportunities (and pitfalls) lie in the ICT field. We cover today’s hot topics from the inside out. We look forward to a future that works better for you - a better way.

  • ICT Insights Issue 5 (06/2013)

    This issue features:
    ·Focus: Modern IT Energizing All Industries
    ·SDN and TRILL: How to Understand the Two Buzzwords – An Interview With Dr. Radia Perlman, "The Mother of the Internet"
    ·Promising Growth in the IT-enabled Medical Industry Market – An interview with Yao Yong, Vice President and General Manager of the Medical IT Division of Neusoft
    ·Exploring Enterprise IT Transformation During the Transition to "Third Platform" Technologies
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  • BYOD Extra

    This issue features:
    ·Context Driven, Dynamic Access Policy to Support Future BYOD/BYOT
    ·BYOD: Coping With Technological and Policy Changes in a Mobile World
    ·How to Choose a BYOD Solution
    ·Emaar Misr Properties, A True Pioneer in BYOD Deployment – An Interview with Mr. Moataz Hassouna, CIO of Emaar Misr Properties in Egypt
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  • Issue 4 (12/2012)

    This issue features:
    ·SDN: The Unstoppable Evolution in Networking? – An interview with Dan Pitt, Executive Director of the Open Networking Foundation
    ·Approaches to Optimizing Network Infrastructures in the Cloud Era
    ·The CloudEngine 12800: A Unique Core Switch For Next-Generation Data Centers
    ·GITEX 2012: Huawei Industry Focused Applications Stand Out Amongst Contenders
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  • Issue 3 (10/2012)

    This issue features:
    ·How to Transform Big Data into Knowledge— An interview with Dr. Cesar A. Hidalgo
    ·Just in Time for the Cloud
    ·Huawei's Impact at Interop 2012, Las Vegas
    ·Ecosystem Research Collaboration: Open for Innovation
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  • Issue 02(05/2012)

    This issue features:
    ·Insights into the Future of UC
    ·ICT: The Convergence of Consumer, Enterprise, and Carrier Technologies
    ·Connecting the World Through Cloud-based Contact Centers
    ·The Impact of Social Media on Customer Service
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