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Third-Party Test

AP6010DN VS Aironet 3502i

Test Item:Single-client throughput and 30-client throughput

Test Result:Huawei AP6010DN has the configuration of 2x2:2 MIMO, which is slightly lower than Cisco Aironet's 3502i 3x3:2 MIMO, but they have the same theoretical maximum rate at the physical layer: 300 Mbit/s. According to the performance test result shown in the following figure, Huawei AP6010DN provided 11.4% higher single-client throughput, and 16.4% higher 30-client throughput than Cisco Aironet 3502i.

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AP7110DN VS Aironet 3602i

Test Item:Single-client throughput and 30-client throughput

Test Result:At a distance of 40 feet, Huawei AP7110DN had an over 20% higher throughput than Cisco 3602i; at a distance of 40–60 feet, Huawei AP7110DN had an over 45% higher throughput than Cisco 3602i. The advantage is larger when the distance increased. The throughput of Huawei APs stayed above 248 Mbps, while that of Cisco APs fell below 200 Mbps at a distance of 45 feet. Huawei APs have an obvious advantage over Cisco APs.

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Success Stories

  • High-Quality WLAN Coverage for China Eastern Airlines Base in Kunming Changshui International Airport
    • Huawei won the bid of the WLAN project for China Eastern Airlines Base in Kunming Changshui International Airport. This airport is China's fourth major hub airport and also the only one located in Western China. This project aims to build a wireless network covering the office areas and departure lounge of the airport, which enables staff and passengers to get access to the Internet flexibly. Huawei AP6010DN uses the integrated MIMO antenna design, new-generation enhanced chip, and algorithms that avoid interference and conflicts and enhance performance. The Huawei WLAN solution implements efficient, ubiquitous access without the problems such as low multi-client access performance and poor customer experience.
  • WLAN Coverage for the New Building of BesTV
    • Huawei won the bid of the WLAN project for the new building of BesTV, Shanghai. BesTV is a joint venture between Shanghai Media Group (SMG) and Tsinghua Tongfang Co., Ltd. and has become one of the leading IPTV carriers and providers in China. On the platform of SMG, BesTV has advantages in innovation and production of audio-visual content, R&D and application of interactive products, and new-media O&M. BesTV also cooperates with international enterprises such as Microsoft in IPTV technologies and has an industry-leading O&M platform. The Huawei solution updates technologies for proper Wi-Fi network deployment in the new building of BesTV. The technologies involve the bandwidth, reliability, security, and manageability. The Huawei solution meets network requirements for efficiency, security, and reliability.
  • Integrated Wireless Education Network Deployment in De La Salle University
    • De La Salle University (DLSU) was founded in 1911 in Manila, Philippines. The university ranks second in Philippines and first in private universities. DSLU is well-known for business education. Graduates of DLSU are highly appreciated by employers and are evaluated fifteenth among Asian employers. DLSU aims to cultivate leaders for the future society and integrates modern teaching and Christian doctrine. Personal development of students is highly integrated with the development of the society, economy, and Christianity. The campus network is an important platform for communicating with the world and displaying the university. It is a key issue to construct a wireless network that meets requirements of teachers and students, network management, and campus applications. Huawei, a leading global ICT solutions provider, provides an integrated WLAN solution for DLSU. This solution meets university's requirements for smooth expansion of wireless applications.


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