Huawei and Deloitte spent 180 days on visiting 100+ financial institutions across the world and drafting the Transforming and Reshaping Banks in the Digital Era. In the Huawei Global FSI Summit 2015, the two companies will jointly release this white paper. Stay tuned!

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The FSI is undertaking great changes in business modes, channels, products, and services. Transformation and innovation have become the keywords of 2015. We look forward to jointly developing agile IT architectures with partners and helping customers gain core competitiveness for future service development.

Liu Limin

President of Financial Services Sector, Huawei EBG
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Economic and business environments have changed. This reshaped the banking industry. Financial business competition in the Internet+ era focuses on real-time experience. Banks are evolving traditional centralized service processing systems into distributed computing ones. This leads to the co-existence of open platform architectures and enclosed hosts.

Tim Pagett

Partner and Leader of Deloitte, China
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