Joining Hands with Asia Pacific FSI Executives to Offer Top-Level Keynotes, Focusing on Digital Transformation

  • OCBC
  • ICBC Asia
  • CIO Dialog: Commercial Banks' Thinking and Planning on Digital Transformation Strategies
  • Focused on digital banking transformation and reiterated Huawei's position in the industry value chain.
    Commercial Strategy Thinking on Digital Banking Transformation - CIO Dialog
    Digital Channel Transformation - Yvonne Cheong, VP of Online & Mobile Banking, e-Business, Global Consumer Financial Services, OCBC
    Digital infrastructure transformation - Tang Bin, General Manager of Technology Department, ICBC Asia
    Digital product innovation - Xu Youwu, General Manager of Technology Department, CEB International

Two Sub-Forums and CXO Lunch Party, Showing a Way for Financial Institutions to Reshape Their IT Systems

  • Retail Bank Reform & Key IT Applications

    Huawei + IDC

    Speaker: IDC, ING Direct, Sopra, Huawei

    Key points: How does ICT technology support business transformation and what role does ICT technology play in retail banking development?

  • Channel Service Transformation & Financial Tech Innovation

    Huawei + ACM Hong Kong

    Speaker: CITIC, Infosys, WIP Solutions, Fintech Innovation Committee, Huawei

    Key points: Channel service reform improves customer experiences and enterprise competitiveness. Fintech companies offer ubiquitous financial services with omni-channel innovation.

  • CXO Lunch Party

    Huawei + ACM Hong Kong

    Speaker: Director of Financial Services Sector, Huawei Enterprise BG (Kenny Liu)
    16+ C-level bank customers from South Pacific and Southeast Asia

    Key points: Huawei worked with world renowned third-party platforms to promote Huawei's quality solutions and demonstrate its extensive understanding on FSI trends, achieving industry-wide win-win.

Three Exhibition Areas, Showing Real Strength of Financial ICT Solutions

1.Three major exhibition zones and 12 exhibition points, covering IT platform transformation, Big Data innovation, and network architecture evolution.
Deployed 12 exhibition sites to demonstrate "customer service innovation, service platform transformation, and infrastructure evolution", covering almost all financial institutions' IT development scenarios in Asia Pacific.
Fully implemented MTL in exhibition zones. Provided lead collection training in advance. Assigned dedicated owners for every aspect. And collected more than 100 responses in exhibition sites.
2.Huawei's power products in the FSI made their presence.
Network: CE12816, S12700, S77, 57 series, USG6600, Anti-DDoS 8000, AR3670, etc.
IT: 32-/8-/4-socket servers (all series), 18000V3, etc.
Power supply and infrastructure: modular equipment room
3.The exhibition received 12 groups of CIO-level visitors
A total of 12 groups of KAs from Hong Kong, India, and Singapore visited the exhibition.
IT: 32-/8-/4-socket servers (all series), 18000V3, etc.
Huawei and customers jointly explored Data Center Development, IT Platform Upgrade, and Big Data Innovation.
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