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Traditional financial institutions lack product and service innovation, while their competitors from other industries are gaining increasing popularity. These financial institutions need disruptive ICT technologies to enable service innovation, improve customer loyalty, and address business challenges. The 2nd Global FSI Summit attracts representatives from traditional institutions, supervision organizations, and Internet companies. These experts and officers will share experience, success stories, and ideas about omni-channel financial innovation. Let's work together to address challenges and look for opportunities in a connected world.


Keynote Speech
Session A: Internet Finance Innovation
Session B: Omni-Channel Finance Innovation

  • Time Topic Speaker
    9:00-9:40 ICT Innovation Delivering Financial Services at Your Fingertips Vice President of Financial Services Industry, Huawei Enterprise BG:Raymond Lau
    9:40-10:10 FSI Innovation Trends and Challenges Partner of Financial Services Advisory, Great China Ernst & Young:Dong Xiangbo
    10:10-10:35 Integrated Omni-Channel Banking Global Head of Financial Services Industry, Huawei Enterprise BG:Ronald Fons
    11:00-11:25 Internet Finance Innovation Vice GM of Software Development Center, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China:Yi Jingsong
    11:25-11:50 eWealth: Addressing Customer's Wealth Needs Digitally Head of Digital Banking,
    Standard Chartered Bank (China):Melissa Wong
    11:50-12:15 Financial Cloud in Alibaba Head of Financial Cloud Department,  Alibaba:Liusong
  • Time Topic Speaker
    14:00-14:30 Big Data Architecture for Internet Finance  Senior Expert of System Operation Office, Alibaba :Kang Bo
    14:30-15:00 Non-Traditional Financial Institutions' Innovation Vice President of Wallet Product,
    Skrill Group:Stuart Gregory
    15:00-15:30 Virtual Platform Development in BOC Vice Senior Manager of System Network Management Department, Bank of Communications:Zhang Lebin
    16:00-16:30 Huawei Big Data Solution for FSI Head of Big Data Solution Marketing Department, Huawei Enterprise BG:Thomas Xu
    16:30-17:00 Digital Disruption in the Retail Banking Sector Partner of Pinsent Masons:Peter Bullock
  • Time Topic Speaker
    14:00-14:30 Multi-Channel Innovation in China Minsheng Bank Senior Expert of IT Department, China Minsheng Bank:Zhou Yuebo
    14:30-15:00 Channel Services Innovation in China Citic Bank Vice GM of IT Department, China Citic Bank:Chen Bei
    15:00-15:30 Build the convinent and interactive FSI service Head of VTM Solution Department, Huawei Enterprise BG:Liu Yihong
    16:00-16:30 Multi-Center Active-Active DR System for FSI Senior Expert of IT Department, China EverBright Bank:Mou Jianjun
    16:30-17:00 FSI Networking Solution in the Omni-Channel Era  CTO of Enterprise Network Solution Department, Huawei Enterprise BG:Mark Wu


  • Dong Xiang Bo
    Partner, Financial Services Advisory
    Great China, Ernst & Young

    Mr. Dong Xiang Bo is a Partner of Ernst & Young Advisory Services based in Beijing with specialty in Banking business and IT Advisory. Over 15 years of consulting and senior management experiences focusing on Business Transformation and Information Technology and Banking Operations. He provided services for ICBC and CCB. He is an MBA from The Australian National University and has a certified PMP professional.

  • Ronald Alan FONS
    Senior Expert of Financial Services Industries
    Huawei Technologies Limited

    Ronald Fons' responsibilities encompass developing Huawei's strategies addressing the financial markets. Long track record in the financial sector having worked for Morgan Stanley and The New York Stock Exchange in network operations, as well as leading consulting and business development teams in the financial services sector for Hewlett-Packard and Cisco Systems Asia-Pacific.

  • Yi Jinsong
    General Manager of Software Development Center, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China

    Yi Jinsong has approximately 20 years of experience in banking IT. She has presided over and participated in many milestone-making projects, including the national electronic interbank system (EIS), e-banking system structure optimization, and FOVA (an integrated business processing system). Especially in the e-Banking sector, she has gained much expertise in architectural design, production development, and channel expansion.

  • Melissa Wong
    Head of e-Banking Dept
    Standard Chartered Bank (China)

    Melissa Wong is the Head of e-Banking, Standard Chartered Bank (China). She joined the bank in 2008 as Strategy and Planning Manager for the China CIO. During her 5 year tenure, she has most recently led the Global Channel Operations & Customer Experience team from Singapore Headquarters (2012-2013), focusing on Digitization of Frontline and Back Office Processes and is currently leading the Bank's Artificial Intelligence project – Zoe, which aims to re-invent Customer's Banking Experience.

  • Kang Bo
    Senior Technical Expert of System Operation Office
    Alibaba Technical Support Department

    Kang Bo's main responsibilities include optimizing systems, developing and maintaining big data and cloud computing platforms, as well as planning and developing servers, operating systems, and basic services. He graduated from Beijing University of Chemical Technology, with a major in biological engineering, in 2000. Before joining Alibaba, Kang Bo worked in Yahoo China.

  • Zhang Lebin
    Vice Senior Manager of System Network Management Department,
    Bank of Communications

    Zhang Lebin has been working in the current position since June 2011. He has participated in the planning, design, and construction of many large projects, including the bank-wide data center network, corporate core network, and "two-site three center" disaster recovery system. Zhang Lebin joined Bank of Communications in 2003 and was primarily responsible for the planning, design, management, and construction of computer systems and networks at early days. Afterwards, he served as a system network administrator assistant, system network administrator, senior system network administrator, and other positions.

  • Zhou Yuebo
    General Manager Assistant of Technical Department, China Minsheng Bank

    Zhou Yuebo is currently a senior architect of the Science and Technology Development Dept, China Minsheng Banking Corp., Ltd. He has participated in the bank-wide IT planning, architectural design, and development of key projects.
    He has approximately 10 years of experience in banking and IT sectors and gained much expertise in many IT service fields, such as IT planning, cloud computing, big data, and IT core systems.
    Zhou Yuebo joined China Minsheng Bank in 2009. Prior to that, he had served as a senior architect and R&D director in SAP China Research Institute.

  • Chen Bei
    Vice Manager of IT Department, China Citic Bank

    Chen Bei has more than two decades of experience in the IT departments of banks and international leading IT companies. With global perspectives and localization insights, she has participated in large bank IT projects. By fully using IT planning and consulting, architectural design, and implementation methodologies, Chen Bei has provided services to a variety of financial services organizations, including large state-owned commercial banks, metropolitan commercial banks, Rural Credit Cooperatives, corporate finance companies, and small-loan companies.

  • Mou Jianjun
    Network Security and Value-added Service Expert of IT Department, China EverBright Bank

    Mo Jianjun has more than 16 years of industry experience and is dedicated to architectural design, standardization, security, performance optimization, etc. He has obtained CCIE, PMP, and CISP certificates.

  • Mark Wu
    EBG Network Solution Sales Dept CTO
    Huawei Technologies Limited

    Areas of Expertise
    Financial data center, campus network, and backbone network solution Two decades of work experience in the networking industry, covering Cisco, Ericsson, 3Com, and Digital
    Major achievement
    ICBC data center network 2011, Sohu, Tencent, and Alibaba's cloud data center


  Material Name Speaker
Keynote Speech
ICT Innovation Delivering Financial Services at Your Fingertips Raymond Lau
Winning through customer experience Dong Xiangbo
Evolving to an Integrated Omni-Channel World Ronald Fons
Alibaba Financial Cloud Liu Song
Session A:Internet Finance Innovation  
Big Data Platform Technology and Application Kang Bo
Non-Traditional Financial Institutions Innovation Stuart Gregory
Implementation of Virtualization and Cloud Computing Technologies Zhang Lebin
Digital Disruption in the Retail Banking Sector Peter Bullock
Session B: Omni-Channel Finance Innovation
Multi-Channel Innovation in China Minsheng Bank Zhou Yuebo
Innovative Channel Services in China CITIC Bank Chen Bei
Convenient and Interactive Financial Services Liu Yihong
Multi-Center Active-Active DR System for FSI Mou Jianjun
Financial Network Solution in the Omni-Channel Era Mark Wu

2013 the 1st Global FSI Summit Review



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