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AUW 2017 & The Fifth Huawei Power Summit

May 16-18, 2017 | Cape Town • South Africa

Africa’s largest electric power exhibition, African Utility Week (AUW) 2017, was held in Cape Town, South Africa from May 16 to 18. During the exhibition, Huawei co-hosted its Fifth Power Summit with the theme “Leading New ICT, the Road to Smart Grid.” Over 260 government officials, electric power industry executives, and experts gathered to discuss how innovative ICT products and solutions can be used to enable Smart Grids that deliver efficient, reliable, and affordable energy to consumers.


Huawei Exhibition Hall

Huawei works with partners to provide a platform and ecosystem for building one-stop Smart Grid ICT Solutions, covering power generation, transmission, transformation, distribution, and consumption.

Huawei Holds its Fifth Power Summit with Partners in South Africa

“Smart Grids are just beginning to unfold as intelligent electric power solutions. Leveraging Huawei’s leading ICT, we have developed innovative solutions together, such as the Power Cloud Solution with our partners, which cover all aspects of the electric power industry. Moreover, applications of IoT and cloud computing will help power companies enhance operational efficiency and accelerate innovations,” commented Jerry Ji, President of the Energy Sector, Huawei Enterprise Business Group.
“In line with Huawei’s ‘platform + ecosystem’ strategy, we are working with strategic partners — such as State Grid Information and Telecommunication Technology Company of China, SAP, Accenture, T-Systems, and Tech Mahindra — to build an open, win-win ecosystem for the electric power industry. In addition, Huawei has helped over 170 electric power customers improve their energy management efficiency as well as ensure safe and reliable operations of grids, to light up and enrich modern society, and to promote the utilization of renewable energy resources.”

Joint Innovation of Smart Grids at Huawei’s OpenLab

At the Huawei Power Summit, Eskom announced it will join Huawei’s OpenLab located in Johannesburg. Huawei and Eskom also announced a Joint Innovation Center at the OpenLab to jointly develop Smart Grid innovations.

To help electric power companies in South Africa accelerate their digital transformation, Huawei and T-systems South Africa launched the Electric Power Industry Cloud Solution to offer on-demand cloud services. As an extension of the Open Telekom Cloud, this solution provides pay-as-you-use industrial applications to greatly lower the thresholds of enterprises’ deployment of digital services.

Diverse Global Practices

Huawei’s Intelligent Meter Reading Solution, successfully deployed in the power distribution companies of Nigeria, provides reliable technical support for energy conservation, with intelligent and centralized management.

In Thailand, Huawei provided a Fully-Connected Power Grid Solution to help the Provincial Electricity Authority (PEA) build a secure high-speed production network. Additionally, Huawei also jointly built an Electricity Innovation Center with PEA.
In South America, Huawei’s IP Hard Pipe Solution helps EPM, the largest public enterprise in Colombia, to achieve reliable production services and move towards unified Operations and Maintenance (O&M). Huawei works with partners from the electric power industry to launch over 20 innovative solutions; more than 50 solutions have completed integration tests. Huawei will continue to team up with additional partners to promote the development of Smart Grids in the future.