Fourth Session Leading Success Stories in
Digital Enterprise Transformation
Now until December 10, 2021
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What Makes a Good Story
Best Stories
  • IT Transformation at CCB Helps Usher in a New Technology and Finance Ecosystem

    By Jin Panshi

    General Manager, IT Management Department, China Construction Bank

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  • Smart Grids Open Up New Opportunities

    By Liu Jianming

    Deputy Director of the Power Informatization Study Committee, China Society for Electrical Engineering

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  • A Shared Journey: Customer-Centric Innovation

    By Matthias Heutger

    Senior Vice President, DHL Customer Solutions & Innovation

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  • ICT Supports Digital Transformation to Smart Cars

    By Li Jun

    Director, R&D Center, FAW Group Corporation

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We look forward to hearing
such stories from you

We are looking for CIOs, CTOs, or digital transformation project owners to describe how new ICT helps their companies:

  • Improved operating efficiency:

    How is digital technology being used to optimize workflows and improve enterprise agility?

  • Driving income growth:

    How is digital technology helping create new revenue sources for you, for example, by improving customer experiences and setting new pricing models.

You can start with business challenges and transformation strategies, or refer to a specific digital transformation project. You can introduce measures, results, and experiences, or just your thinking and ideas about digital transformation.

If you have a Huawei collaboration project, please clearly state Huawei’s role in your company’s digital transformation, the value that Huawei brings to the project, and your opinion of Huawei.

You can send us your stories through
the following channels:

  • Channel 1: Email Submission

    You are cordially invited to write your stories and send them to us:
    Please name your email subject like this: XX’s Success Story in Digital Transformation

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  • Channel 2: Email Request

    You can submit your success story idea via email. Our editors will review all submissions and, if selected, * we will assign an editorial team to collect materials for use in writing the article, which may also include video interviews with relevant personnel.

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* We may pay contributor fees if your success story is chosen and used.

Deadlines for submission

Now until December 10, 2021

Appraisal Process

  1. 1

    We will choose 20 success stories and publish them in ICT Insights magazine and on Huawei’s official internal WeChat and Weibo accounts. When you submit your story, please ensure you have obtained the relevant promotional and legal authorizations from within your company and other involved parties.

  2. 2

    We will select the best article from the 20 success stories published in ICT Insights as recommended by experts and readers’ opinions.

The ‘best article’ award winner will have the opportunity to become a candidate for Huawei’s website for digital transformation examples. We will organize experts, scholars, CIOs, and enterprise executives to visit the site from time to time for mutual learning, joint research, and discussion.

Assessment Criteria

  1. 1

    The success story is written by enterprise CIOs, CTOs, or digital transformation project owners.

  2. 2

    Success stories which have significant influence on enterprises’ digital transformation from technological, product, or project value perspectives.

  3. 3

    Success stories have good plot development.

Please invite others to contribute to the article.

Let’s travel along the road of digital transformation together!

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Introduction to ICT Insights

The ICT Insights magazine, first published in 2012, helps Huawei Enterprise Business Group promote its leadership in ideologies and technologies, business and ecosystem policies. The magazine provides the most insightful ICT theories and practices for global CIOs and industry experts alike to influence and transform their organizations. Our target audience includes global C-suite executives such as CIOs, CTOs, and CSIOs; ecosystem partners, top-level consulting organizations, renowned thought leaders, and mainstream media. Annual print circulation is more than 100,000 copies, distributed at notable industry events in addition to an online viewership which reaches more than one million people.

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