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New Approach

Huawei Netbook is a new mobile app,which is an updated version of Huawei Network Book.It is designed for you to stay up to date with documents on the Huawei website. It allows customers and partners to browse online product information and download the documentation from Huawei Enterprise Networking website.

New Functions

Huawei Netbook adds new functions to improve on Huawei Network Book:

  • Serves as a real-time search engine for Huawei network enterprise products and solutions.
  • Supports document sharing and feedback.
  • Enables you to read documents online and cache them for offline reading.
  • Supports batch download documents and deployment cases for offline reading.
  • Supports "Go to Page", zooming, and a full-screen display for PDF reading.
  • Supports document sharing and feedback.

Saving Data

You can batch download documents using a Wi-Fi connection so you can read documents offline to reduce data plan costs.
1. Offline caching, offline reading
After Huawei Netbook reads online information from Huawei Enterprise website, the information will be saved on the RAM of mobile phone.
The next time, if the online information is not updated, Huawei Netbook will access the contents on the RAM.
No web contents updated, no data consumption.
2. Batch download
Huawei Netbook provides the batch download function which makes it possible to download all online product information through the Wi-Fi network.

Easy to Download

We provide multiple download channels so you can download and install the new standalone version without uninstalling any old versions. Please download and install Huawei Netbook:

iPhone Google Play Hicloud

Huawei Netbook (online version) can run only on Android 2.2 and later versions.
Apple IOS4.3 and later versions: applicable to iPhone 3GS and later products.


For more information about Huawei Netbook App,please contact
We appreciate your comments about Huawei enterprise network products and services. The Huawei Enterprise team wishes to grow for you and with you.

Installation through two-dimensional codes

  • iPhone

  • Google Play

  • Hicloud

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