HTCC 2013

Through continuous innovation and collaboration with global partners, Huawei has created a rich ecosystem of IT solutions for customers around the world. This September, at the 2013 Huawei Cloud Congress (HCC), leaders in IT from government, science, and industry will gather to share their visions of the future – to explore cutting-edge technologies that are transforming the way people communicate and collaborate in world-class organizations.
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HENC 2013

With the emergence of new technologies such as SDN, BYOD and M2M and the convergence of IT and CT, many factors are driving the change of the IT network architecture. What is the future of new technology development? How will the Enterprise IT architecture evolve? How to promote the seamless convergence of Enterprise business and next generation architecture? Thousands of global IT elites will come to attend in the Huawei Enterprise Networking Congress 2013 (HENC 2013). It is a fantastic opportunity for you to discuss new technologies, new applications, as well as far-reaching effects on the next generation Network. You will find a better way to make your enterprise have a good future in the network change.

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