Huawei Enterprise BYOD Solution

BYOD: The Office of the Future

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is a new trend whereby employees are allowed to bring personally owned mobile devices (smartphones, tablets, and laptops) to the workplace. Using their own devices, employees can send and receive enterprise emails, access enterprise resources, and handle business anywhere, anytime.
As a new office model that accommodates employees' preferences and work habits, BYOD is growing in popularity around the world. The trend is driven by ever-increasing Internet usage coupled with the seemingly daily advances in smart device computing capabilities and improved touch experience (touch responsiveness). The rise of BYOD marks the advent of the personalized mobile office era.

Phases of Mobile office Development
BYOD is personalized, mobile, and intelligent. With BYOD, people's life and work will be connected through a diversity of smart devices. Office work is no longer confined to traditional PCs in offices.
BYOD has become an influential trend that is dissolving barriers between work and life and offering a fresh new office experience.

What Benefits Does the Huawei Enterprise BYOD Solution Bring Your Enterprise?

By leveraging its expertise and full series of products in the security, networking, collaboration, and device fields, Huawei has launched the Huawei Enterprise BYOD Solution for customers worldwide. This solution helps governments and enterprise customers access a wide range of applications and handle important business or process core tasks anytime, anywhere, and from any smart device. The resulting benefits include increased work efficiency, innovative marketing models, and increased customer satisfaction.

  • Increased work efficiencyWith the Huawei Enterprise BYOD Solution, enterprises can quickly create a secure, efficient wireless network environment and roll out mobile applications that best suit internal operations. Managers can promptly handle service requests (such as approval requests) and other pressing tasks at fragmented times, ensuring that business proceeds smoothly. Employees can respond to emergent instructions given by managers more agilely and with quicker turnaround.

  • Innovative marketing modelsMore and more industries are carrying out customer-facing marketing activities via mobile devices. The Huawei Enterprise BYOD Solution adapts to such industry trends by enabling innovative marketing models. This solution offers secure remote access and mobile device management (MDM) services and enables enterprises to customize mobile applications that are aligned with their business processes. This solution also methodically addresses issues facing the shift from "mobility in solution demonstration" to "mobility in service handling".

  • Increased customer satisfactionNowadays, smart devices have become a part of people's daily life. Smart device usage is increasingly transplanted to the workplace. Compared with similar applications on PCs, some applications on smart devices are easier to operate and deliver better user experience. With the Huawei Enterprise BYOD Solution, enterprises no longer need to ask their employees to adapt to complex enterprise applications. Instead, employers deploy selected applications onto the smart devices of their employees, with such applications often able to suit employees' preferences and habits. This ease-of-use and versatility has won high acclaim from employees, further evidenced in their added willingness to use enterprise applications.

  • Huawei Enterprise BYOD Solution

    Huawei provides a comprehensive BYOD solution architecture that addresses the critical elements necessary for successful BYOD implementations, including:

    Smart devices that support a wide range of mobile apps

    High-performance network infrastructure that allows for hybrid wired and wireless access

    Centralized network management and policy management

    Mobile apps that are aligned with business development

    End-to-end security assurance

    By addressing these critical elements, Huawei BYOD offers an architectural approach to satisfy the demands of business staff, decision-makers, and IT personnel for BYOD security, convenience, and experience.

Huawei exploits its experience and competitive edge in the "device-pipe-cloud" solution and cooperates closely with partners to deliver network-based secure and trusted mobile office solutions with superb user experience for enterprise customers.

Mobile office deployments for enterprises

  • Secure network

    • Upgrade enterprise wireless local area networks (WLANs) to ensure network security.

    • Unify the secure access policies and intranet, extranet management policies.

    • Deploy Security Access Control Gateways (SACGs) for intranet user access control,
      Secure Sockets Layer virtual private network (SVN) gateways for extranet user access
      control, and firewalls for intrusion defense.

    • Provide terminal security management for compliance check and recovery of mobile

    • Provide web security management for content filtering during Internet access.

  • Wireless access

    • Provide highly reliable, high-performance wireless networks, allowing enterprise
      employees to seamlessly switch between the intranet and extranet.

    • Offer green products and differentiated quality of service (QoS).

    • Allow convenient network planning and optimization as well as quick service

  • Intelligent terminals

    • Provide intelligent terminals customized for enterprise applications.

    • Support various operating systems including Android, iOS, Windows, Linux, and Mac.

    • Offer a wide range of functions including application management, application control,
      and quick configuration for terminals.

  • Diversified applications

    • Implement the Pushmail system to provide users with secure and controllable instant
      email push services.

    • Provide secure communications protection, and control attachment browsing and
      downloading when users check for emails in their enterprise mailboxes.

    • Provide secure web browsers for users to access enterprise applications and
      virtualized desktops anytime anywhere.

    • Provide mobile unified communications (UC) for consistent experience on different
      terminals and high-definition (HD) video convergence.

    • Employ the mobile enterprise application platform (MEAP) for OA mobility, providing
      more diversified cloud-based mobile services for enterprises.

Huawei has a solid track record in the BYOD field and offers one-stop solutions and top-notch service customization capabilities. Huawei is able to offer customers worldwide a wide array of BYOD services, such as consulting, IT infrastructure construction and restructuring, and engineering implementation. These BYOD services help

customers tackle device, network, management, and application issues during BYOD deployment and accelerate their BYOD initiatives. Huawei's BYOD offerings can help you build a secure and agile mobile office environment, go beyond traditional offices, and experience the compelling benefits of mobility.

  • Rich Experience in BYOD Practice

    Service globalization and customer-centric ideas have posed three major challenges for Huawei's office work: 1) 90% of executives need to have business trips frequently and attend many meetings; 2) 70% of salespersons need to visit customers frequently; and 3) 80% of service personnel need to work outdoors.
    Facing these challenges, Huawei started designing, planning, and deploying a company-wide BYOD policy in 2009 . To date, Huawei has achieved Office Automation (OA) mobility and business mobility across the company.

    Today, about 29,000 Huawei employees use mobile terminals every day to access the company's internal OA applications, about 22,000 use mobile IM, and about 17,000 use mobile mail. The mobile office system helps Huawei save tens of millions of dollars in IT costs every year and enhance employee satisfaction.

  • One-stop solution deployment

    Coordination across different technological fields is required to ensure an optimal BYOD solution. Huawei offers a wide array of BYOD products (covering network, security, UC&C, IT, wireless, and terminal products) and based on its deep insights into ICT development, is able to provide E2E BYOD solutions according to varied BYOD strategies of different enterprises.

  • Open BYOD Eco-System

    Huawei provide open BYOD infrastructure, which can help customer transfer from existing application to mobile platform through their partner. It will be quickly deployment in transaction.

    Protect customer investment and reduce risk: easy for customer to transfer current application into mobile platform, quick movement in mobility.

    Open infrastructure, unified policy management: Provide eSDK package, value in partner integration.

  • Huawei BYOD Solution for Mobile Education

    Huawei unveils a BYOD-assisted mobile education solution that provides an end-to-end teaching platform accessible from a variety of smart devices, such as smartphones and tablets. Designed with a Huawei-developed security management platform, this solution also provides a holistic approach to effectively manage devices and all relevant resources.

  • Huawei BYOD for Mobile Preventative Maintenance

    Huawei launches a secure and efficient BYOD-supporting mobile preventive maintenance solution targeting electric power companies. Through this feature-rich solution, preventive maintenance efficiency is increased and power grid security is guaranteed by constantly innovating office automation (OA) and preventive maintenance processes.

  • Huawei BYOD for Mobile Healthcare

    Huawei understands the urgency of this situation and announces a BYOD-enabled mobile healthcare solution that optimizes mobility techniques necessary for mobile hospital rounds, mobile medical care, drug management and distribution, and family doctors. This will not only improve medical care efficiency and quality but also help enhance doctor-patient relationship.

  • Huawei BYOD for Mobile e-Government

    Huawei releases a BYOD-capable mobile e-Government solution that extends e-Government information and app systems to every one's fingertips. Mobile e-Government is more than just a supplement to legacy e-Government practices. It is an innovative and inevitable trend that evolves IT-enabled e-Government to a higher level and enables possibilities for ushering in the era of "Smart Governments".

  • #

    Huawei's BYOD Safeguards China's CMBC Bank

    China Minsheng Banking Corp., Ltd. ("CMBC") is China's first national joint-stock commercial bank with investments mainly from non-state-owned enterprises (NSOEs). To meet its customers' demands, CMBC IT decided to deploy a variety of mobile services, including mobile marketing, mobile working, and mobile operations. Security was a top priority. In response, Huawei offered CMBC a BYOD-capable information security protection solution that ensures end-to-end security for smart devices and networks, and for applications and data centers. Huawei's solution helped CMBC create mobility innovations and revitalize its banking services.

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  • Haier Creates Mobility Innovations with Huawei's BYOD

    Qingdao Haier Co., Ltd. ("Haier") is the No.1 brand in the global home appliance sector. Haier IT recognized early in its planning the necessity of utilizing mobility technology to gradually mobilize its business. In response, Huawei offered Haier a BYOD-capable end-to-end mobile architecture solution that covers device applications and network security, as well as data center mobility management and control. This solution has allowed Haier to improve its operational efficiency and to create more business opportunities.

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  • Huawei Improves Employee Productivity with BYOD

    "Bring Your Own Device" or "BYOD" has become a major buzzword these days. Huawei keeps up with the rising BYOD trend by deploying a secure, efficient BYOD network for internal use. Today, about 30,000 employees are using BYOD to go about their daily office routines. BYOD improves employee productivity, accelerates customer responses, and facilitates effective decision-making, saving Huawei over US$10 million in operating costs every year.

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Huawei BYOD solution components


Huawei offers a complete portfolio of mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets, in different sizes (e.g. 6-inch, 7-inch, and 10-inch), as well as a wide-ranging collection of accessories and peripherals to fully adapt to the particulars of industries.

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Huawei Smart Devices
  • Smartphones
  • Tablets
  • Industry-specific Accessories


The Huawei AnyOffice client offers features such as a secure mailbox, a secure browser, a calendar, contacts management, MDM, and eSpace Unified Communications (UC). This client also offers comprehensive security protection for mobile devices, applications, and data.

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Client Software
  • AnyOffice
  • Secure Mailbox
  • Secure Browser
  • UC

Network and Security Management

Huawei WLAN solutions, as well as its enterprise switches and routers, achieve unified wired and wireless management and meet wireless network coverage and bandwidth requirements for mobile working.

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Hybrid Wired and Wireless Networks
  • AP/AC
  • Switches/Routers
  • WLAN Tools

The Huawei AnyOffice mobile working management platform supports comprehensive network access control, device security policy management, and application-layer VPN encryption. This platform also manages mobile devices efficiently throughout an Acquire-Deploy-Run-Retire lifecycle.

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Access Security Control
  • SVN
  • NAC
  • Policy Center

The Huawei AnyOffice mobile working management platform supports comprehensive network access control, device security policy management, and application-layer VPN encryption. This platform also manages mobile devices efficiently throughout an Acquire-Deploy-Run-Retire lifecycle.

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Mobile Management Platform
  • MDM
  • MAM
  • MCM

Application Development

Huawei offers open Software Development Kits (SDKs), making it easy for partners and customers to synchronize their operations. These SDKs simplify the invocation of interfaces, enable secure, encrypted communications between third-party applications and application servers, and implement device data security and mobile device management functions.

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Application Development
  • SDK
  • Enterprise Applications

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  • Xianrong Su Technical representative for Huawei's BYOD solution
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    Xianrong Su currently serves as a senior systems architect for Huawei's BYOD solution and is responsible for BYOD solution planning and architectural design. With 15 years of experience in the ICT industry, he is familiar with networks, security, application systems, and device operating systems. He is also experienced in deploying mobile office systems and migrating legacy application systems onto mobility platforms.

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    Jianming Wang is responsible for establishing an "open, collaborative, and mutual beneficial (win-win)" alliance cooperation ecosystem for Huawei's BYOD solution. He is in charge of partner planning, development, and management related to Huawei's BYOD solution. He has more than 10 years of experience in IT consulting and integration, with strong insights into IT mobility.