NOW, Changing the Future Agile Network & Agile Switch launch

The SDN-ready switch of the future is here. We proudly introduce Mr. Agile Switch and IT Manager. Optimize more types of data with the most flexible & compliant switch ever.
On August 8, 2013, Huawei launched its new Agile Switch (Huawei S12700) series during an event in Beijing with 1500 special guests and opinion-makers. With this revolutionary product line, Huawei sends a message to its audience and the world: CHANGING NOW THE FUTURE! Find out more here
Miss the previous episode of "IT Manager and Mr. Agile Switch?" No worries! Catch it here. IT Manager asks Mr. Switch to do some simple tasks, which he simply cannot. He is not equipped like the new Mr. Agile Switch. Watch the video now

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Huawei Agile Switch (S12700) key innovations

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Discover the key tech innovations within the new Huawei Agile Switch and the main differences between Mr. Switch and Mr. Agile Switch in the two videos on this site

Full programmability

Standard switches use ASIC chips, but Huawei Agile Switch uses a Huawei Ethernet Network Processor (ENP) chip, enabling a fully-programmable switching architecture that speeds up service innovation, without the need to replace any hardware.

In the videos… the whiteboard scene

Mr. Switch is not fully programmable, so he processes more instructions than Agile Switch, slowing his data management.
Agile Switch can be programmed to listen to an external controller or to process specific data streams, resulting in faster data & network management.

WLAN Access Control
w/Unified User Management

Agile Switch is equipped with a native “wireless access controller” (AC) to build a converged wired and wireless network, w/out additional AC hardware. This setup, combined with native broadband remote access server (BRAS) capabilities, deliver unified user management (U2M).

In the videos… the placards scene

Mr. Switch is not equipped w/built-in WLAN AC or U2M capabilities, so wired and wireless users are managed separately.
Thanks to its built-in WLAN AC and Huawei’s proprietary U2M technology, Agile Switch manages indistinctly wired and wireless devices.

2nd-gen Clustered Switch Systems (CSS2)

Agile Switch employs 2nd-gen switch fabric hardware clustering technology (CSS2). Control and data packets are only forwarded once, reducing both service interruption risks and transmission latency. What’s more, iPCA (Packet Conservation Algorithm for Internet) is deployed for network quality monitoring..

In the videos… the videoconference scene

Data latency caused by Mr. Switch interrupts service and loses data during a video chat, so IT Manager can’t speak with his team.
Thanks to CSS2 technology, Agile Switch optimizes both the data stream & transmission latency, for a flawless video chat. IT Manager can finally speak to his team!