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Traditional security methods lack momentum. Video plays an increasingly important role in crime prevention and control as well as case investigation. Video clips generated by cameras in a city every day are roughly equivalent to 100 billion photos in terms of storage capacity. It takes over 100 years for a police officer to view all of that; Video Big Data analytics has become an effective means to improve the efficiency of city security management. It is critical for proactive pre-event alerting and rapid post-event analysis, which helps reduce crime rates significantly.



Efficient and flexible

Based on cloud computing architecture, the platform supports speedy synopsis, retrieves data within seconds from ten billions of records, and flexibly expands the system capacity


High-density subrack architectures reduce the footprint by 50% and energy consumption by 25%

Open and compatibl

Open application interfaces allow flexible deployment of third-party applications, intelligent analysis algorithms provided as plug-ins, and high adaptability of application scenarios

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Small size, high density,

easy networking

  • Small sized, plug-in, high-density design with 3U high
  • Support cloud-based cluster
  • Support up to 96 channels of intelligent analysis
  • Redundant fans, power supplies, and interfaces
  • “zero” configuration networking


High performance, high density,

easy networking

  • Plug-in, high-density design with 14U high
  • Support cloud-based cluster
  • Support up to 576 channels of intelligent analysis
  • Redundant fans, power supplies, and interfaces
  • The maximum switching capability is 120 Tbps.“zero” configuration networking
  • Access, forwarding and integrated deployment of intelligent analysis
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Public security protection is of crucial importance to Beijing, the capital of China.

Smart City Improves Public Security Efficiency

The highly scalable “Smart Langfang” system enables large-scale expansion for the future.