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The OceanStor 18000 Series Enterprise Storage System is Huawei's high-end flagship product series. This series consists of two models, OceanStor 18500,OceanStor 18800 and OceanStor 18800F, which provide TRUSTED and FLEXIBLE storage solution for critical appliances of enterprise data centers.

The OceanStor 18000 Series Enterprise Storage System series is developed on the Smart Matrix architecture and runs the fully virtualized XVE operating system. With such a competent design, the OceanStor 18000 Series Enterprise Storage System can scale out to 16 controllers, 3216 disks (SSD/SAS/NL-SAS), 7168 TB capacity, 192 GB bandwidth, 3 TB cache, and 192 host ports (Fibre Channel/FCoE/iSCSI). It allows the concurrent access from a maximum of 65,536 servers.

Besides the powerful hardware configurations, the OceanStor 18000 Series Enterprise Storage System further strengthens its competitiveness by employing the Smart series resource management software and the Hyper series data protection software. These software suites boost system resource utilization, intelligently prioritize mission-critical services, and ensure a 24/7 service availability.

The OceanStor 18000 Series Enterprise Storage System is delivered as a turnkey solution, and its cabinets can be separately deployed based on customers' requirements. more >>

HUAWEI OceanStor 18000 Series Enterprise Storage System is designed for mission-critical appliances of enterprise customers. It provides trusted and flexible storage solution for enterprise-level data centers (DCs). Its highlights include the enterprise storage–dedicated XVE operating system, Smart Matrix architecture, fully virtualized intelligent volumes, Smart series resource management software, Hyper series data protection software, and Ultra series advanced software. With all these innovative features, the OceanStor 18000 Series Enterprise Storage System offers unprecedented advantages in performance, availability, scalability, and cost.

TRUSTED, Ensuring 24/7 Availability for Core Services
Fully redundant system design:
The Smart Matrix architecture with a maximum of 16 redundant controllers boosts system performance, protects system reliability, and ensures zero data loss.
RAID 2.0+ technology:
accelerates data recovery by 20 times.
Intelligent protection dedicated to core services:
The SmartQoS and cache partitions provide advanced protection for core services.
Complete disaster recovery solution:
The system recovery point objective (RPO) is reduced to 0~5 seconds, ensuring the lowest data loss amount in the industry. The Hyper series disaster recovery (DR) management software ensures the hitless system operating.
More on Product Highlights and Benefits >>
FLEXIBLE, Meeting Future Challenges
Incomparable performance and specifications:
The OceanStor 18000 Series Enterprise Storage System can scale up to 3,216 disks to provide an industry-leading capacity up to 7,168 TB. It also provides 192 GB system bandwidth, 3,072 GB cache, 1,000,000 IOPS, and concurrent accessibility from 65,536 servers. With such a powerful configuration, the OceanStor 18000 Series Enterprise Storage System meets demanding storage requirements of environments with diversified applications and heavy service loads.
All-dimension scalability:
The 4S scalability dynamically improves system performance and capacity to meet the increasing services.
Smart series software:
achieves the intelligent data storage.
Easy adaptation to virtualization trends:
The fully virtualized software architecture with wide support for open standards improves the working efficiency, data protection, and management capability in virtual environments.

Based on deep understandings of customer requirements, Huawei delivers typical solutions tailored to meet the storage requirements for mission-critical services, virtual environment, diversified and heavy workload appliances and disaster recovery (DR) solution.

OceanStor 18000 Series Enterprise Storage System Innovations of OceanStor Enterprise Storage System

In recent years, innovative storage technologies keep emerging, but enterprise storage is maintained at a relatively stable development speed. Reasons are high technical barriers, exclusive market environment, and a few industrial players. The enterprise storage market becomes a "Celebrity Club" with limited members including EMC, HDS, IBM, HP, and Huawei. Notable trends of the market are matrix system architecture; long-distance data protection, multi-site advanced disaster recovery, multi-dimensional scalability, and virtualized application optimization.

Disaster Recovery Solutions of OceanStor 18000 Series Enterprise Storage System

Data centralization brought by information technologies also leads to a higher risk despite the advantages. Failure of one data center may have a global impact. A data center's security can be affected by enormous factors: fire, flood, power failure, quake, theft, and even terrorism. To do so, a complete and reliable disaster recovery system cannot be more appealing to customers.

Responding to Challenges From Virtual Environment

To survive in an increasingly fierce competition environment, enterprises' IT system departments are forced to find a way to cut IT expenses and utilize IT systems to enhance enterprises' core competence. To address market challenges, a growing number of enterprises employ cloud computing and virtualization technologies to build their IT systems. These technologies boost system efficiency, lower total cost of ownership (TCO), and promote service agility.

Meandering on Enterprise Storage Architectures

As a rule, storage products are classified into entry level, midrange, and enterprise level based on such parameters as price, scale, and performance. Storage arrays usually have to strike a balance among storage speed, reliability, and storage capacity. Storage arrays intended for different markets have varied focuses on the three dimensions.

Meandering on Enterprise Storage Scalability

In the past, storage service was provided by integrating a disk into a system. Then storage devices emerged, which were connected to various servers of client expansion interfaces. Now, storage area network (SAN) using network topology and Fibre Channel is the mainstream storage technology. The whole evolution of storage technologies centers around one purpose: to meet the performance and capacity expansion needs as a result of an exponential data increase.

  • Huawei OceanStor 18000 Series Enterprise Storage System Primary Video

    Huawei OceanStor 18000 Series Enterprise Storage System is an optimum storage platform for next-generation data centers, which services for key application. Secure and Trusted, Flexible and Efficient, the OceanStor 18000 Series using many innovated technology to support its design concept. such as Smart Matrix architecture, RAID 2.0+ ,Full SSD design, and so on.

  • OceanStor 18000 Series Enterprise Storage System 3D flash

    OceanStor 18000 Series Enterprise Storage System 3D flash

    A 3-Dimension demonstration of Huawei OceanStor 18000 Series Enterprise Storage System, includes product appearance, system architecture, 4S expansion ability and entire cabinet delivery.

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