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Botnets and DDoS Attacks 2014 Summary Report

2014 witnessed the proliferation of various UDP-based amplification attacks and large packet SYN flooding; in December, traffic attacks hit with peak bandwidth refresh rates of up to 500 Gbit/s.
Data centers (DCs), including cloud-based DCs, are still a major target for DDoS attacks, and they are faced with both inbound and outbound DDoS threats. Compared to conventional DCs, cloud-based DCs must also deal with cross-bound tenant-to-tenant DDoS threats…


Big Data for Big Security

As the Internet continues to grow and prosper, hacker attacks continue to increase in severity and frequency. Since the year 2000, when Web 2.0 Internet applications first came onto the scene, the motivation behind Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks has shifted from exhibitionism to vicious attacks on industry. As Internet bandwidth has expanded, so too has the scale and frequency of DDoS attacks.


Huawei Honored with Frost & Sullivan's '2012 Product Innovation Award'

"Huawei has made great strides in the addressing these needs of the market by launching its anti-DDoS solutions with a high processing performance, high detection ratios, and second latency. Through its relentless efforts in product innovation and customer reach, Huawei has positioned itself as an innovator in the network security space."

—Frost & Sullivan

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Product Information

  • AntiDDoS1000

    AntiDDoS1000 Series
    DDoS Defend System


  • AntiDDoS8000

    AntiDDoS8000 Series
    DDoS Defend System



  • High performance and rapid response

    200 Gbit/s defense performance and sub-second response

  • Accurate and all-rounded

    V-ISA reputation mechanism defends against hundreds of attack types

  • Value-added operation

    Protection for tens of thousands of diverse self-service tenants

Solution Structure

Management center

As the "brain" of the solution, the management center allows the user to customize detecting and cleaning policies and delivers the policies to the detecting center and cleaning center to control the detecting and cleaning process.Meanwhile, the user can also generate and view attack reports and cleaning records in the management center.

Detecting center

As the "antenna" of the entire solution, the detecting center receives detecting policies delivered by the management center, identities and detects DDoS traffic, and gives detecting results back to the management center.

Cleaning center

As the "executor" of the entire solution, the cleaning center cleans DDoS traffic on the network based on the control signals delivered by the management center.


  • IDC Protection and Value-Added Scenario

  • E-Banking Protection Scenario

  • Government Website Protection Scenario

  • DNS Sever Protection Scenario

  • MAN Protection Scenario


  • Anquanbao - Sales Director, Anquanbao, December, 2012

    "Anquanbao deployed the Huawei Anti-DDoS solution in the Anquanbao Cleaning Centre in January, 2012. The Huawei product has proven itself to us by having defended 442 flood attacks and 267 http DDoS attacks. It works well every time."

  • SizeTechnology - Size Technologies

    "Turkey Telecom has tested the Anti-DDoS products of many vendors. The Huawei solution is superior than any of the other vendors in two respects: First, by performance, and second, that the Huawei product is able to defend against a greater number of DDoS types."

  • CebBank- Operation and Maintenance Department

    "Two years ago, after having deployed the Huawei Anti-DDoS solution to protect our e-Bank servers, we have had zero downtime as the result of a DDoS attack. The Huawei product is both very reliable and easy to use."

  • TechAccess (The Netherlands) - TechAccess

    "We have introduced the high-performance Huawei Anti-DDoS solution to our customers because of its many features and excellent reliability."

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  • On Netherlands car-show, Huawei AntiDDoS depth exchange of a number of customers

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