Ultra-wide panoramic display

  • Traditional Solution
    Obsolete camera and screen display technologies restrict clear viewing in a large room, preventing users from receiving complete information. Viewers cannot enjoy a face-to-face immersive experience, which diminishes the conference impact and effectiveness.
    HUAWEI MAX PRESENCE uses Huawei's patented panoramic camera, which makes panoramic video possible at any Depth-Of-Field (DOF), even for a super-large site. This feature enables a face-to-face immersive experience in all types of environments.
    The large 10 (2 x 5) 70-inch screens are seamlessly joined to deliver supersized display effects and engage users with a stunning video experience, conveying information with high impact and efficiency.

Seamless integration of conferencing and surveillance video creates a smart video collaboration platform

  • Traditional Solution
    Separate video conference and video surveillance rooms create "isolated information islands," preventing users from sharing information effectively. Typically, surveillance and data center data captures key information, which is received when video conferencing functions are not available. Users must first check all the data before attending a conference in the conference room. Furthermore, users cannot directly schedule surveillance data to display in the conference room or send data to other sites, resulting in delays and inefficient communications.

    A mediocre video conferencing experience is caused by two factors: small screens, which create a poor communication experience when more people and multiple parties are involved; and fewer screens, which limit the ability to display critical surveillance data and content to assist decision making.

    Full integration of surveillance and video conferencing for data sharing: By processing video surveillance signals, HUAWEI MAX PRESENCE implements the interoperation of video conferencing and video surveillance, which enables users to schedule the required surveillance data at anytime and send it to other sites. This facilitates smooth communication from lower to higher levels of authority.
    Upgraded video experience and enhanced communications efficiency: The HUAWEI MAX PRESENCE uses super-large ultra-HD displays with superior quality. All participants can see clearly and actively engage in decision making.
    Multiscreen display, panoramic vision: HUAWEI MAX PRESENCE offers multiple customized display modes, with various data displayed on multiple screens. The information can include remote video images, remote content, and surveillance signaling. The HUAWEI MAX PRESENCE provides a way for participants to grasp important information quickly .

Customized one-stop delivery for flexible deployment

Huawei customizes HUAWEI MAX PRESENCE deployments based on different conference room layouts. Huawei also provides services for solution design; conference room surveys; environment transformations; device installation and debugging, acceptance and training; and maintenance within the warranty period to guarantee proper lighting, acoustics, network, power, ventilation and air-conditioning, and other factors for the ultimate video conferencing experience.

Extensive service modes for a more flexible video experience

HUAWEI MAX PRESENCE splices together 10 (2 x 5) 70-inch HD DLP screens. It allows more sites and data to be displayed on-screen, offering more extensive services for video conferences and consultation while delivering a more flexible and efficient video collaboration experience.

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