SmartStream is a global software and managed services provider that in challenging markets conditions has outpaced its rivals in the financial markets sector, creating an impressive base of more than 1,500 customers. This includes more than 70 of the world’s top 100 banks alongside the world’s leading asset managers, custodians and broker dealers.
At the heart of this success is the ability to react to client, market and regulatory changes through innovative solutions. That is why, even in challenging market conditions, the company continues to invest more than 20% of revenue back into research and development.
The combination of SmartStream’s post-trade processing solutions, together with its unique Data Management Services, creates a real-time and pre-emptive approach to reducing trade failures while also accelerating and automating trade processes.

Customer requirements and challenges:

1. Banks require robust hardware infrastructure to seamlessly support all of its banking applications to run its services for its customers.

2. Banks also need to ensure it’s operational and capital expenditures are kept to a minimum –. Innovative architectural design so that multiple functions and features are built into one box will reduce CAPEX for banks. Looking at hardware that is software-defined-enabled allows banks to quickly set up, scale up or scale down its banking services for its customers on demand.

3. Banks need to protect their investments – investing in new technology and still avoid ripping out and replacing existing hardware that’s still good to use is also important to banks. They need to invest in hardware that is interoperable with other vendor technology and can seamlessly be integrated with existing systems that banks may already be running.

4. Banks need to ensure there is business continuity and there is no interruption of services to its customers – minimal time to migrate systems is vital.

Smartstream’s solutions integrates with Huawei’s hardware including its servers.

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SmartStream at GITEX with Huawei Middle East:

SmartStream officially recognizes Huawei as a partner – logo appears on their website:

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Field or industry in which the partner cooperates with Huawei

Banking and financial services

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Results and customer benefits

1. Fully integrated solution

2. Highly qualified technical service support for implementation

3. On-the-ground technical support directly provided by Huawei in addition to partner support

4. (increased brand awareness for Huawei)