Huadong's Terminal Operating System (TOS) has passed the interoperability testing (IoT) with Huawei's digital port solution in the open lab for testing Huawei enterprise solutions. After that, the TOS is seamlessly integrated with the digital port solution. In port projects outside of China, Huadong closely cooperates with Huawei to provide digital port solutions, winning high appraisal from customers.

IT-enabled port solution

Port service development faces the following challenges:

  • Large vessels, deep water wharves, and regular ship transportation require higher handling efficiency, enhanced collection and distribution capabilities, and scheduling systems that feature quicker responses.
  • All-around-clock port operation requires 24/7 reliable and uninterrupted IT services.
  • Facing challenges such as terrorist attacks and environment pollution threats, ports around the world has increasing requirements on security protection.
  • Ports competition trend is transforming from individual competition based on hinterland and goods supply to integrated logistics chain competition characterized by modern logistics. The new competition mode focuses on attracting ship lines and developing multimodal transportation, and provides information services and full-coverage services as chief means.

The following figure shows the architecture of the digital port solution jointly launched by Huadong and Huawei.

In this solution, Huawei provide the scheduling communication system, wired and wireless network infrastructure, and IT infrastructure and Huadong provides the TOS, upper-layer applications, office systems, and scheduling production terminals. All these systems and devices together establish the high-reliability network and IT system, continuously improving the customer value. Generally, this solution brings the following benefits:

  • Offers uninterrupted port services and constructs the port operation management system centered on the TOS to increase the port stevedore and decking efficiency, reduce the operating expense (OPEX), and improve the single-point performance of wharves at ports.
  • Deploys the video surveillance system to proactively monitor the production and operating status at port perimeters and in key areas, solidly fortifying port security.
  • Builds up the EDI-based service collaboration platform that provides data exchange and service collaboration services for shipping related parties, such as wharves, shippers, consignees, freight forwarder, shipping companies, and customs. This platform greatly improves the overall performance of the shipping chain and offers fast and quality services for port customers.

The IT-enabled port solution, jointly launched by Huadong and Huawei, sketches the blueprint for port IT construction in Country C and consists of a full range of application systems, such as port service bearer network, port data center, TOS, wireless terminal scheduling system, port video surveillance system, desktop cloud, office automation, and telepresence system. These systems seamlessly collaborate with each other to ensure secure, efficient, and sustainable operation of ports.

Huawei and Huadong jointly provide a holistic set of solutions and products covering the terminal, platform, application, and service layers to provide superb services for upper-layer owners. These solutions and products stand out with the following technical advantages:

  • High service data availability: The port service bearer network features carrier-grade equipment availability amounting to 99.999%, beyond 99.9% of IT-grade equipment, to provide solid guarantee for uninterrupted port service operation. Moreover, this network supports unified management and maintenance of devices to dramatically lower the total costs of ownerships (TCO).
  • Advanced system and strong customization capabilities: The TOS software can be widely applied to wharves of different throughput levels to meet various wharf operation requirements. In addition, the TOS software can be tailored to the actual need.
  • Abundant features: Peripheral devices have a full array of features such as waterproof, moisture-proof, dust-proof, and anti-corrosion to ensure uninterrupted port service operation.
  • Innovative wireless scheduling: Huawei proposes an innovative networking solution that uses a broadband wireless Long Term Evolution (LTE) network to simultaneously carry scheduling voice and TOS service data and centrally manage all wireless devices. The unique remote radio unit (RRU) distributed base station technology ensures that the broadband wireless LTE network covers every corner of container yards. Compared with the Wi-Fi coverage solution, this solution reduces external devices by 90% and cuts down the maintenance costs.

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In October 2012, the IoT between Huawei's digital port solution and Huadong's shipping agency system was successfully performed. To view more information about the IoT, visit:

Technical certification information:

In December 2012, Huawei certificated Huadong as its partner in the IT-enabled port solution and issued the solution partner certificate.

Cooperation news:

[Yantai, China, August 2, 2012] Yantai Huadong Soft-Tech Co., Ltd., China's well-known IT solution provider in the port industry, signed a strategic cooperation memo with Huawei, a leading global information and communications technology (ICT) solutions provider. The two companies will share their expertise and join hands to expand the port market and provide the integrated port IT solution for the port carriers.