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TigerTMS, based in the UK, supplies markets in Europe, the Middle East, Asia, and the Americas. TigerTMS is a global market leader in providing Telephony Integration Solutions for the hospitality sector, including call management and billing, revenue management, High Speed Internet Access (HSIA), guest mobile content delivery, managed services, guest voice messaging and wake-up services, and guest service response systems. TigerTMS and Huawei have maintained a working relationship for many years as cooperative partners serving hotel enterprises. TigerTMS call accounting software systems have passed Interoperability Testing (IOT) at Huawei’s Enterprise Open Lab, guaranteeing quick and problem-free deployment.

Smart Hotel Solution

Huawei and TigerTMS build solutions for the hospitality industry that integrate wired and wireless access into an IP-based network that carries voice, broadband internet, video conferencing, and other hotel communications, providing a stable, convenient, secure, and easily maintained network for the modern hotel. At the same time, the solution enhances service delivery and accelerates broadband performance, increases reliability, and brings more efficiency to business operations, lowering costs and improving guest satisfaction.

The diagram below illustrates the Huawei Smart Hotel Solution:

The Smart Hotel Solution uses an integrated IP network to replace multiple, separate hotel network systems. It offers broadband services, comprehensive wireless coverage, integrated voice communications, network security, and IP video surveillance.

The diagram below shows the TigerTMS Call Accounting solution integrated with the Huawei Smart Hotel Solution:

TigerTMS provides the call accounting platform, which includes the call accounting system (iCharge) and voice–messaging system (InnLine and VoIPLink). Huawei provides the network devices and PBX. The voice and billing system communication functions provide the call accounting, voicemail, wake-up calls, and other voice services.

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IOT test report

Huawei IOT test report for TigerTMS systems (iCharge, HotelPro, InnLine, and VoIPLink) with Huawei Smart Hotel Solution (Mar 2013)