InnSpire, an independent software vendor established in 2012, is based in Sweden with a marketing focus on Europe and the Middle East. Their main products are hotel services software for intelligent handheld devices and room TVs as well as IPTV software for entertainment downloads. Customers include the Clarion Hotel Stockholm, the Vida brand, and The Emirates Academy of Hospitality Management, among others. InnSpire and Huawei have maintained a working relationship for many years to help customers improve productivity and efficiency while finding new ways to engage customers and enhance guest experiences. InnSpire software has passed Interoperability Testing (IOT) at Huawei’s Enterprise Open Lab, guaranteeing quick and problem-free deployment.

Smart Hotel Solution

Over the next ten years, the hospitality market will become more competitive as new developments in digital, intelligent networks enable new service offerings. Hotels that provide a wide array of secure, stable, and convenient broadband access and network services — the new standard for measuring the quality of hotel services — will fare better than their peers.

Huawei and InnSpire build solutions for the hospitality industry that integrate wired and wireless access into an IP-based network that carries voice, broadband internet, video conferencing, and other hotel communications, providing a stable, convenient, secure, and easily maintained network for the modern hotel. At the same time, the solution enhances service delivery and accelerates broadband performance, increases reliability, and brings more efficiency to business operations, lowering costs and improving guest satisfaction.

The diagram below illustrates the Huawei Smart Hotel Solution:

The Smart Hotel Solution uses an integrated IP network to replace multiple, separate hotel network systems. It offers broadband services, comprehensive wireless coverage, integrated voice communications, network security, and IP video surveillance.

The diagram below shows the InnSpire application integrated with the Huawei Smart Hotel Solution:

InnSpire provides the hotel services application for intelligent mobile terminals, such as tablets and smart phones, and FHD-enabled IPTVs for guest queries and requests. The backend service system handles orders for room service, laundry service, concierge, and so on. Huawei provides the network devices for Wi-Fi access to guest, Internet, and broadband media services.

InnSpire website

IOT test report

Huawei IOT test report for InnSpire software application suite with Huawei Smart Hotel Solution (July 2013).