O3b Networks is a global satellite services provider deploying a next-generation Medium Earth Orbit (MEO) satellite network. O3b and Huawei have partnered to launch the world’s first satellite based communication solution with full support for 3G voice, data, and video. Based on O3b’s low latency and large capacity transmission solution, the high-performance solution includes Huawei’s 2G/3G/LTE, telepresence, video surveillance, unified communications, and datacom solutions.

Satellite-based Communication Solution

Voice, data, video, and HD video are in high demand in both enterprise and government operations. Internet access via satellite is becoming more and more practical in remote areas as new satellite technologies develop and costs decrease. UMTS/3G is ideal for last-mile access since deployment is easy and smart phones are widely available.

Unified Communications over satellite serves all industries

O3b and Huawei have lab-tested the interoperability between O3b’s MEO satellite link simulator and Huawei’s unified communication, telepresence, video surveillance, and data communication solutions.

The tests show that the combined O3b and Huawei systems integrate smoothly and deliver high performance video and voice quality with shorter setup time.

The joint solution offers flexible, cost-effective, and reliable on-demand secure communication solutions for maritime, energy, and government sectors, as well as other industries.

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Full 3G services over satellite deliver broadband access to remote areas

Huawei and O3b Networks are working together to deliver an innovative new service almost equivalent to fiber for 3G and 4G deployments that significantly enhances the user experience with seamless voice, video, and data communications.

O3b and Huawei tested 2G (Abis), 3G (Iub) and LTE (S1) technologies over an O3b MEO satellite link simulator in Huawei R&D labs. The tests were performed to verify and validate mobile network performance over a MEO backhaul network. Emphasis was placed on evaluating the impact, if any, of slow latency time variances through the satellite pass and the change in latency during the satellite handover period.

The test environment configuration comprised 2G, 3G, and LTE base-stations (BTS, nodeB and eNodeB respectively) connected via the O3b MEO link simulator to a RNC (for 2G and 3G) and an S-GW for LTE.

The tests results showed full data throughputs were obtained over GPRS, EDGE, 3G/HSPA, and LTE links. Informal subjective voice-quality assessment was also performed, which confirmed the highest quality voice tr ansmission with no degradation from MEO link delay.

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Through lab testing and verification, Huawei’s wireless communication, unified communication, data communication, telepresence, and video surveillance solutions demonstrated full interoperability with the O3b network.

Huawei‘s systems offer many advanced features to interwork with satellite communications, including Geostationary Orbit (GEO) networks and O3b’s MEO network:

1. To save bandwidth and increase speed: local switching for local voice, multiple coding schemes, less signaling, acceleration for data services

2. To achieve high precision clocking: IP clocking, 1588v2 (some equipment has this feature)

3. To implement high security: VPN, multiple security algorithms

4. To offer combined solutions: access router, telepresence, unified communication, wireless, video surveillance combine with a unified network management system

Malaysia Maju Nusa Satellite-Based 3G Project

Maju Nusa is a fast growing service provider in Malaysia. Maju Nusa will deploy mobile data services to rural communities where little or no access to broadband currently exists, an important step forward to closing the digital divide between rural and urban areas in Malaysia.

Huawei will provide a high-speed, low-latency, and affordable satellite-based full 3G solution to Maju Nusa together with O3b, who won a major long-term satellite capacity deal awarded under the auspices of the Ministry of Communications.

Signals from the UMTS NodeB will be sent to the O3b gateway in Perth, Australia, and then connect with the core network located in Kuala Lumpur of Malaysia.

Please refer to: http://www.o3bnetworks.com/media-centre/press-releases/2013/o3b-signs-deal-with-maju-nusa-to-provide-ultra-high-speed-3g-backhaul-services-across-rural-malaysia

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O3b and Huawei passed interoperation tests