VoiceCodes is the first vendor in China that researches and sells recording products and solutions. VoiceCodes is headquartered in Shanghai and has expanded its sales network around the globe. In China, VoiceCodes is centered in Shanghai with sales branches in Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, and Chengdu. VoiceCodes is also expanding its footprint in Korea, Indonesia, and Netherlands. Since 2010, VoiceCodes and Huawei have worked closely on recording solutions. The recording solutions are widely applied in key projects such as the Banco do Nordeste and State Intellectual Property Office of China projects.
VoiceCodes VCLog-IIe products have passed both Huawei Unified Communications Certification and Huawei eSpace Contact Center Certification and are released to global customers and partners. The following is the summary of past cooperation between VoiceCodes and Huawei:
In 2010, VoiceCodes started to test multiple VoIP recording solutions, including recording solutions, for Huawei eSpace Contact Center.
In 2011, VoiceCodes began to provide recording solutions for Huawei eSpace UC 1.0. The recording solutions are sold with Huawei eSpace UC 1.0.
In 2012, VoiceCodes began to research recording solutions for Huawei eSpace UC 2.0. The recording solutions are sold with Huawei eSpace UC 2.0.
VoiceCodes and Huawei maintain their global partnership through continuing cooperation on Huawei eSpace UC and eSpace Contact Center solutions.

Conference Recording Solution

Huawei eSpace UC 2.0 and VoiceCodes products work together to achieve conference recordings. The Conference Recording solution fully leverages the Call Application Server (Call AS) functions. When a call is established between two terminals, the Call AS creates a SIP conference and calls the recording system to the conference as a conference terminal. During the conference, the recording system can only record the conference. Since the recording system joins the conference as a conference terminal, the recording system still can decrypt SRTP-encrypted calls and record the conference.

During a conference, Huawei eSpace UC controls the whole recording process to integrate the call and recording control. In this way, Huawei eSpace UC increases network utilization, improves the recording success rate, and delivers higher quality recording services.

UC Solution for Banco do Nordeste

Banco do Nordeste (BNB), a federal bank, is one of Brazil's Top 10 domestic banks. It provides services for cities in nine northeastern states of Brazil and has over 10,000 employees. As a policy bank, BNB aims to improve financial service for underdeveloped northeastern areas. It has high requirements for cost control and efficiency improvement. The UC Solution for BNB is the most significant UC project that Huawei has ever constructed in the global financial market, connecting more than 10,000 users from 200 bank branches.

In 2011, after half-a-year's research, VoiceCodes developed a recording solution. This solution smartly meets the requirements of Huawei eSpace UC 1.0 and has been successfully deployed and accepted in the BNB project. The recording solution provides more than 20 sophisticated recording functions, including some basic recording functions (IP phone, analog phone, and UC client recording) and other recording management functions (playback, query, and encryption). Additionally, based on the actual project requirements, the recording solution adopts redundancy backup for recordings and supports keyword search in the local language. As a result of the efforts exerted on better satisfying customer's needs, VoiceCodes's recording solution is highly praised by BNB.