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  • Huawei eLTE Broadband Trunking Solution

    Huawei eLTE broadband trunking solution is specially designed for vertical industry including public safety, oil & gas field, smart grid, railway, airport, and port sectors. It can support professional broadband trunking service, and high p…

  • Huawei eLTE Public Safety Solution

    Each day in modern society, to help ensure public safety, personnel in government or specialized sectors must respond to a variety of incidents, from accidents to natural disasters. Today, narrow-band trunking is widely applied in different…

  • Huawei eLTE Smart Grid Solution

    Smart Grids use modern information communications and control technologies to make the production, distribution, and consumption of electricity more economical and effective.

  • Huawei eLTE Oil & Gas Solution

    The energy industry presents significant and unusual challenges for enterprise networks. Oil and gas fields are widely dispersed mainly in remote locations beyond the range of traditional wired communications, in areas such as vast plains, …

  • Huawei eLTE Railway Solution

    In this era of Mobile Broadband (MBB), and with the development of the railway industry, passengers expect not only enhancements in travel convenience and safety (through carriage video surveillance), they also demand a better travel experi…

  • Huawei eLTE Airport Solution

    Civil aviation plays an important role in the transportation industry. For airport authorities, guaranteeing the quality of ground services and ensuring that flights are able to leave and arrive on time are important challenges that can hel…

  • Huawei eLTE Port Solution

    Port operations comprise an essential part of logistics today. Like any other enterprise, ports continue to seek improvements in efficiency to boost profits and to maintain competitiveness. Effective management systems are also critical for…