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Cloud Data Center Videos

  • Interop Tokyo 2014:The Partnership with Nissho Electronics

    Mr. Ichiki of Nissho Electronics talks about the partnership with Huawei, PCIe SSD Cards’ priority in Japan Market.
  • Phoenix rises, powered by Huawei

    Thanks to its innovative products and solutions, including the distributed cloud data center and N8500 clustered NAS storage system, Huawei helps Phoenix TV gradually implement the global planning of "2+7" data centers and report global events in the first place.
  • Assembling the Most Powerful Data Center Core Switch in 20 Minutes

    Huawei CE12816 is the industry’s highest performing data center switch. Their advanced hardware architecture offers the highest performance of any currently available core switch. The CE12800 provides as much as 64 Tbit/s switching capacity and high-density line-speed ports. Each switch has up to 19…
  • 2014 CeBIT:LeaseWeb Speaks Highly of Huawei's Datacenter Products

    The operation director  Rene Olde Olthof from LeaseWeb says that modular, being a significant feature of Huawei data centers,  will become the development trend for data centers. High energy efficiency of Huawei storage servers also made them choose Huawei as their partner.
  • FusionCloud Application Cases Video (15 min)

    Huawei has provided cloud computing services for more than 260 customers in 42 countries and regions around the world. The following video introduces the performance of Huawei cloud computing solutions in key projects as well as the voices of some of our customers in China.
  • Huawei Cloud Data Center

    Here is shown Huawei's E2E Cloud Data Center Solution together with its archiecture and advantages.
  • IDC Construction Solution

    How will you build your own data center to meet business development requirements and how will you equip it with O&M systems at various stages? Huawei provides a total IDC solution, helping you own an efficient, secure and reliable data center.
  • Huawei's Cloud Fabric Data Center Network Solution

    The Cloud Fabric Data Center network solution video, english version, for use by domestic and overseas in various exhibitions / high-level exchanges and other occasions.