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  • One Net Technology Campus Network Solution

    How to maintain complex ICT systems with limited manpower and maintenance capability is a major concern of enterprises and the administrative committee. Campus networks must be easy to maintain. Huawei's OneNet solution, featuring standard…

  • One Net Advertising Media Studio Network Solution

    Huawei One Net advertising media studio solution provides wireless network access and gigabit intranet communication for advertising media studios, and separates their office networks from external networks. This solution helps build a stab…

  • One Net Business Enterprise Network Solution

    Riding the wave of economic globalization, enterprises are establishing branches worldwide to support their global business. To survive in today's intensified competition, enterprises are seeking efficient approaches of management and…

  • One Net Digital Photo Studio Network Solution

    Sophisticated digital photography devices enable photo studios to provide creative and innovative works. This personalized service can attract more customers in fierce competition.Huawei's OneNet digital photo studio network solution is d…

  • One Net Hotel Chain Network Solution

    Hotel chains are looking to provide more rich services to their customers to improve customer satisfaction and improve their brand image but they also have to be conscious of security, costs and operating overhead.

  • One Net Small- and Medium-sized Hospital Network Solution

    Information and communications technology (ICT) is gradually being applied in hospitals worldwide and will definitely play a leading role in enhancing a hospital's ability to deliver modern, innovative services to patients. Specifically, ho…

  • One Net Vocational Education Information Network Solution

    Capitalizing on its rich experience in network construction, Huawei provides the OneNet education information network solution that adapts to characteristics of vocation education, helping vocational schools establish an advanced informat…

  • One Net Wireless Café Network Solution

    As free wireless Internet access is a fundamental service required for a café, high-quality Internet access service is a requisite for competing in the fierce market. Huawei offers the Wireless Café Solution provided that benefits café ow…

  • Commercial Club Network Solution

    A high-performance and reliable internal network is needed for information technology to function in a commercial club. The customized network solution also needs to be based on scale and service characteristics. The solution must be stan…

  • Cyber Café Network Solution

    Network stability, security, bandwidth, and O&M are all critical to the success of a cyber cafe. Huawei's OneNet cyber café network solution meets all these challenges by enabling a cyber café to provide stable, high-speed network access a…