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Huawei eSpace Campus Security Solution

Huawei eSpace campus security solution integrates with the video surveillance system, anti-theft alarm system, access control system, voice intercom system, public broadcast system, and electronic night patrol system. This solution uses HD devices, provides advanced functions, and implements intelligent management. A comprehensive campus security system enhances campus security and improves management efficiency.

The Huawei eSpace Campus Security Solution is connected to campus video surveillance, intrusion alarms, border protection, access control, electronic night patrol registration, voice communication, broadcasting, and parking management systems.

This intelligent security solution is used in industrial parks, airports, prisons, campuses, and energy development parks.

Typical Network

Huawei eSpace Campus Security Solution features

  • Open Security System Platform: The platform supports industrial standards and integrates eight different systems for routine campus security protection.
  • Emergency Plan Customization: An emergency plan can be customized in ten minutes on average.
  • Mobile Surveillance and Rapid Positioning: Mobile video surveillance improves security protection efficiency by 30%.
  • Real-time Intelligent Surveillance: Comprehensive real-time intelligent surveillance methods including intelligent detection and infrared alarm technologies are used in key location.
  • Campus security platform
    Integrates with security subsystems, uniformly manages alarms, and triggers the alarm linkage of subsystems based on a preset policy.
  • Video surveillance system
    Uses all series of PUs and the surveillance platform.
    Integrates with intelligent analysis to detect alarms for campus customers and allow them to obtain videos.
  • Access control system
    Supports the complete access control function based on user levels, ensuring security of VIPs and important areas.

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