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Huawei eSpace Safe City Solution

Integrating peripheral units (PUs), networks, storage devices, cloud-computing, and cloud storage, and featuring high scalability, Huawei eSpace Safe City Solution is deployed on a large scale.

Integrating peripheral units (PUs), networks, storage devices, cloud-computing, and cloud storage, and featuring high scalability, Huawei eSpace Safe City Solution is deployed on a large scale.
The features of Huawei eSpace Safe City Solution are as follows:

  • High compatibility and unified open platform, reducing customers' costs by reusing existing facilities and maximizing customers' benefits
  • High bandwidth, low forwarding delay, and quick protection mechanism, meeting reliability, real-time, and bandwidth requirements on video surveillance
  • Cloud storage technology and cloud computing platform, ensuring reliable storage, efficient search capabilities, and high platform utilization

Constructed by domain and cascaded by layer, Huawei eSpace Safe City Solution is deployed on a unified surveillance platform, which improves resource utilization and makes the system architecture more simple and orderly.

Huawei eSpace Safe City Solution applies a comprehensive public security video surveillance platform to video surveillance resources from public security departments and other sources. This solution provides real-time urban surveillance and surveillance video query services. Police “cyber pursuit” is facilitated using real-time, space-based surveillance services for accurate tracing and analysis in combating crimes and securing the public environment.

Typical Neywork

Huawei eSpace Safe City Solution Features:

  • Real-time Information Access: Police and public video surveillance resources can be obtained using the video access gateway. Users can access, query, and remotely monitor dynamic surveillance information in real time.
  • Video-Assisted Detection: By quickly querying and using intelligent devices to analyze a wide range of resources, users can accurately trace people, vehicles, and crimes in progress.
  • Quick and Accurate Detection: Based on GIS, GPS, and three-dimensional, real-time video surveillance, users can visibly monitor and deal with criminal activities as they happen.

Public security surveillance

Public security surveillance is provided for important areas such as schools, factories, hospitals, banks, museums, shopping malls, entertainment centers, and residential districts. Existing alarm reporting and video surveillance resources in these areas can be connected to police stations based on the areas' risk prevention levels, which reduces investment costs.

HD checkpoint and e-police

HD video cameras are triggered to capture snapshots of traffic violations. An intelligent snapshot capturing plan has been designed, based on traffic rules. This solution uses a sophisticated algorithm to recognize license plates and provides a complete function for managing traffic violation data. This improves traffic management efficiency and reduces the traffic violation rate.

GPS/GIS Dispatching

The GIS/GPS dispatching system allows users to view, query, and analyze data about public security and video surveillance on the GIS map and implements information sharing. This facilitates quick responses and decision-making for traffic issues and provides a powerful method for public security management and police force deployment.

City surveillance command center

The city surveillance command center is an emergency surveillance, command, and processing center based on video surveillance, video playing, video control, media stream distribution and storage, and service application. It focuses on the construction of the public security surveillance command center and integrates with the video surveillance system, GIS/GPS dispatching system, and Three-in-One alarm reporting system that provides the fire call, police call, and traffic call services. Authorized users can process emergencies, view emergency details, release information, view videos, and control devices on a large screen deployed in the surveillance center.

Products Involved

  • High definition:2 million,3 million,5 million pixel cameras;
  • Video connection platform

Provides standard interfaces that enable the platform to be integrated with other service systems.
Uses standard protocols and specifications to enable platforms and PUs from other vendors to be compatible with Huawei's products.
Manages devices and videos in a centralized manner.
Stores and distributes a large volume of media streams.

  • Comprehensive public security platform
  • Implements case information sharing, case handling, intelligent analysis, and joint cases based on the case video library.

  • Intelligent video analysis system
  • Provides intelligent video processing methods, such as intrusion detection, abandoned object detection, face recognition, and vehicle recognition.

  • Helps analyze cases related to public security, improving case processing efficiency.

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