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Huawei eSpace Intelligent Traffic Surveillance Solution

Huawei eSpace Intelligent Traffic Surveillance Solution integrates the Internet, communication networks, and The Internet of Things. It consists of multiple surveillance subsystems, including the urban surveillance system, high-definition checkpoint surveillance system, bus and taxi surveillance system, and high-definition ePolice system. With these surveillance subsystems, the Solution provides real-time traffic monitoring and releases traffic information to notify drivers of road conditions. To meet the requirements of different transportation means, Huawei eSpace Intelligent Traffic Surveillance Solution provides the urban road transportation solution, highway transportation solution, and railway transportation solution, which helps optimize an existing transportation infrastructure, alleviates traffic bottlenecks, and maximizes traffic efficiency.

The Huawei eSpace Intelligent Traffic Surveillance Solution focuses on video surveillance capabilities and integrates HD video and intelligent analysis functions. This solution is used to monitor, control and adjust traffic on city roads, highways, railways, and in subways to ensure safe and smooth traffic flow.

Urban Traffic Surveillance Network

Urban Traffic Surveillance Features:

The urban traffic surveillance solution, with e-police and checkpoint systems at its core, monitors roads and vehicles and detects traffic violations in real time, ensuring efficient urban traffic management.

  • Intelligent recognition and efficient snapshot capturing
  • The e-police system recognizes traffic violations and takes snapshots efficiently.

  • Intelligent retrieving and quick positioning
  • The checkpoint system allows users to retrieve checkpoint records and recognizes license plate numbers, improving incident searching efficiency.

  • Open platform and integrated services
  • This solution uses standard interfaces to connect to other intelligent traffic systems, forming a visual and unified urban intelligent traffic system.

Railway Traffic Surveillance Network

Railway Traffic Surveillance Features:

The railway traffic surveillance solution uses sophisticated devices and technologies to build a stable and reliable video surveillance system and ensure the safe and standard operation of railways. This solution provides interfaces for connecting to standard devices and other systems.

  • Safe and standard operation
  • The solution ensures the safe and standard operation of railways based on real-time video surveillance.

  • Sophisticated technologies and a stable system
  • Sophisticated analog video cameras are connected to the platform using encoders and decoders, constructing a reliable digital surveillance system.

  • Open platform and integrated system
  • The solution supports ONVIF, PSIA, GA/T 669, and TR-069, and provides a platform software development kit (SDK).

Huawei's road transportation solution :

Traffic surveillance system:

  • Video surveillance system
  • High-definition ePolice system
  • High-definition checkpoint system
  • Bus surveillance system
  • Taxi surveillance system

Traffic signal system:

  • Traffic signal control system
  • Traffic data collection system
  • Traffic guidance system

Traffic convenience system:

  • Unified management platform
  • Unified information publishing system
  • Interactive portal system

Huawei's railway transportation solution :

Station surveillance:

  • Important area (such as station entrances and exits, ticket windows, elevators, railway platforms) surveillance
  • Unattended object detection
  • Loitering detection
  • Suspicious activity detection

Railway surveillance:

  • Seamless coverage of wired and wireless networks
  • Signal coverage along railway tracks including bridges, tunnels and culverts
  • A signal tower at a height of 15 meters per kilometer

Huawei's highway transportation solution :

Highway surveillance system:

  • Full-dimensional surveillance (entrances and exits, highways, and toll booths)
  • Moving violation surveillance
  • License plate recognition

Highway charging system:

Combines the following charging technologies

  • Manual toll collection (MTC)
  • Electronic toll collection (ETC): Through information exchanges between road side units (RSUs) and on board units (OBUs), toll charges will be automatically and electronically deducted.

Intelligent traffic command center

An intelligent traffic command center uses advanced technologies such as computer, automatic control, communications, digital video, geographic information system (GIS), and Global Positioning System (GPS) to integrate the following subsystems:

  • Video traffic surveillance
  • Traffic signal control
  • GPS-enabled vehicle positioning
  • Static traffic management
  • Traffic information management
  • Traffic guidance
  • An intelligent traffic command center collects and processes traffic data and provides intelligent data analysis for decision-making and command and dispatch.

Products Involved

  • Analog and high definition cameras:box cameras、Semi-Dome Camera、High-Speed Dome cameras、wireless cameras.,D1/720P/1080Pcameras
  • integrative cameras of High-definition ePolice,controller of High-definition ePolice, integrative cameras of High-definition checkpoint,controller of High-definition checkpoint
  • DVS/DVR/NVR:1/4-Channels DVS,1/4/16-Channels DVR,8/16/32/128-Channels NVR

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