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Huawei eSpace Emergency Command Solution

Huawei eSpace emergency command solution helps governments and other public organizations prevent, receive, and process emergencies, then manage these processed emergencies. This solution establishes an emergency processing mechanism for securing citizen's lives and property.

The Huawei eSpace Emergency Command Solution is composed of the unified computer assistant decision (CAD) center, intelligent command, intelligent decision analysis, and disaster response systems. It integrates advanced information and communications technology (ICT) capabilities including location based service (LBS), GPS, GIS, and remote access. This enables the emergency command center to interact with on-site personnel to control accidents and disasters in a timely and effective manner to minimize loss of life and property.

Typical Network

Huawei eSpace Emergency Command Solution features

  • Multiple Alarm Reporting Channels: Users can report alarms in real time using fixed-line phones, mobile phones, SMS messages, and the Internet. Intelligent video alarms and sensor alarms are also supported.
  • Intelligent Command: Static and dynamic video collection capability, remote negotiation capability, and GIS capability are integrated.
  • Intelligent Analysis and Decision Making: Disaster management, emergency plan adjustment, and automatic vehicle tracing platforms support the system’s analysis and decision making capabilities and ensure that emergencies can be properly dealt with in a timely and effective manner.

Unified Alarm Response and Handling Center

The alarm response and handling center integrates advanced technologies such as modern communication and computer networks, Computer Telephone Integration (CTI), database management and Geographical Information System (GIS), implementing response, handling, command and dispatch for alarm calls. The alarm response and handling system plays an important role in the city emergency command system. It is a major component for integrating surveillance, unified dispatch, and construction of cooperative alarm response and handling. Huawei city emergency command system supports multiple access modes, uses unified service number, and processes various cases and major incidents in a centralized mode,

Emergency Response Comprehensive

Based on an emergency response database system, Huawei emergency response comprehensive application system provides a comprehensive service management system, emergency response duty system, potential risk surveillance system, prediction and early warning module, digital plan module, command and dispatch module, emergency response guarantee module, emergency response evaluation module and emergency response drill module, therefore providing software platforms of information obtaining, management and dispatch, as well as post-event evaluation for personnel involved in emergency response. The solution provides highly efficient comprehensive platforms of information sharing and cooperative actions for functional departments involved in city emergency response.

Auxiliary schemes

The long-term goal of the emergency command system is to optimize the urban public security system, provide schemes for actively preventing and efficiently processing emergencies, and minimize losses caused by these emergencies. Therefore, the schemes, along with knowledge and experience, provide the fundamental basis of the emergency command system.

Products Involved

  • IVS platform:2 million,3 million,5 million pixel cameras,Intelligent analysis system
  • Alarm Response and Handling system:CAD Alarm Response and Handling platform,CTI system
  • Command center:dispatcher,GIS,emergency operation system,IVS large screen,LBS system,videomeeting system
  • Emergency equipment in the scene:Trustar clusters ,emergency command car、GPS、alarm equipment

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