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Huawei Telepresence Telemedicine Solution

Huawei Telepresence Telemedicine Solution is a combination of multimedia network technology and traditional medical technology and digital medical technology. Equipped with Huawei self-developed telePresence products, adapt to the needs and characteristics of the healthcare industry, Huawei Telemedicine provides remote consultation, surgery teaching, medical education and other related application solutions.

Currently, there are huge imbalances on hospital resource allocation and medical service quality between countries, regions and hospitals. With the rapid growth of medical needs, expert medical resource becomes more and more intense. However, resource adjustments is difficult to bear fruit in a short-term.

Huawei Telepresence Telemedicine Solution enables cross-regional healthcare service, which fundamentally improves the problem of uneven distribution of medical resources, resolves the healthcare problem for patients living in remote areas, and puts high quality healthcare resources into full play.

Huawei Telepresence Telemedicine Solution is the integration of information technology and clinical medicine. It breaks space limitation and renders various practical services including telemedicine, distance medical training and medical information by applying computer network technology, telecommunication technology, multimedia technology, etc.

With the feature of high interoperability, Huawei videoconferencing system provides open interface to integrate health information systems such as HIS, LIS, and PACS. Patient's dynamic data including examination data, vital signs, images and videos can be collected and shared with remote sites in real time. By adopting the advanced dual stream (i.e. video and content) technology, Huawei videoconferencing system offers "face to face" communication experience with synchronous and real-time presentation of HD video, audio and medical images.

The secure network technology, superb network support and powerful data compression technology provided by Huawei offer an efficient and reliable platform and technical support to telemedicine applications, including remote clinical consultation, imaging consultation, medical training, academic exchange, medical video conference, cases discussing, ECG consultation & monitoring, surgery demonstration, and emergency aid & treatment.

Huawei Telepresence Telemedicine Solution

  • Remote clinical consultation
  • Remote surgery demonstration
  • Remote video consultation
  • Distance education and training
  • Remote academic exchange
  • Remote visit
  • Remote patient care
  • Telemedicine video conferencing
  • Remote intractable cases discussion
  • Remote ECG consultation and monitoring
  • Remote first-aid guidance
  • Telepresence products
  • Medical telepresence: single-screen, dual screen, and tri-screen versions
  • Standard telepresence: TP1102, TP1002, RP100, RP200, TP3106, TP3118, TP3118S
  • Integrated Medical Cart: Operating room/consulting cart, mobile ward-round/ICU patient care cart
  • Multimedia classroom
  • Video conferencing systems platform (SMC / GK / MCU)
  • HD video terminal
  • Recording system

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