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Huawei Telepresence TeleCommand solution

Huawei Telepresence TeleCommand solution allows you to collaboratively make decisions among dispersed command centers. It takes the integration of videoconferencing system and video surveillance system as the core and provides a visual dispatch console where all kinds of auxiliary information can be uniformly managed and scheduled.To meet emergency demands in different industries, we provide digitalized, high-definition, and intelligent solutions to help you build a comprehensive, efficient emergency response system.

The goals of Huawei Telepresence TeleCommand solution

Perfect convergence of videoconferencing and surveillance

The digital convergence of videoconferencing and surveillance systems provides overall auxiliary information and decision support for decision makers.

Multi-level visual dispatching and command

Face-to-face discussions and command are conducted among command centers through telepresence and videoconferencing systems, achieving remote collaboration and quick response to emergency situations.

Decision making and command on the move

The mobile emergency vehicle and individual system can readily participate in decision making and command anytime, anywhere.

Information display and multi-screen recording

The large screen display system at the command center displays a variety of data and video to provide auxiliary information for decision-maker, while supporting synchronous recording and playback of multi-channel video, reproducing the process of decision-making and command.

Huawei provides mature solutions to capture real-time HD video and provide auxiliary decision-making data without quality loss, while monitoring the accident site in real time, and conveying commands accurately.

Solution architecture

Application Scenarios


Customer advantages

Multi-center distributed collaboration, scientific decision-making and efficient emergency disposal

Faster emergency response and improved rescue capabilities

Remote training or exercises to strengthen team emergency rescue skills

Regular video conferences to reduce administrative costs

Remote decision-making platform

The remote decision-making platform including thousand road-level MCU and SMC, support large-capacity audio and video convergence and exchange.

The video dispatch console is responsible for unified management and visual dispatching of video conferencing and surveillance videos.


Face-to-face communication and decision making are conducted among command centers through telepresence and videoconferencing systems.

Integrated media gateway

The integrated media gateway is used to interconnect videoconferencing system with existing surveillance systems, achieving unified video dispatching.

Support access of a variety of auxiliary audio, video, and data.

Emergency command hall design

The design and delivery of the command center hall, big screen display system, TP decision room, training center are supported by professional teams.

MDB, multi-screen recording, mobile emergency vehicle, individual system

Industry-leading multi-screen recording system makes synchronous recording and playback of the emergency process possible.

The innovative MDB, implement collaborative plotting among distributed command centers.

Mobile emergency vehicles can be equipped with telepresence systems, combined with individual systems, building two-way communication with command centers.

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