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Huawei Telepresence Solution

In international markets, countries focus their internationalization on establishing friendly and trustworthy relations and sustained win-win situation. Trade cooperation under different circumstances and cultural backgrounds will inevitably cause a lot of discrepancies even conflicts. Conflicts in the phase of cultural convergence cannot be minimized without face-to-face communication. To facilitate face-to-face communication, related supervisors travel around the world and consume a lot of time, efforts, and money. Their effectiveness, however, is poor due to flying communication.
Given the preceding issues, Huawei specially launched its telepresence solution, which can help people in different regions feel as if they were in the same meeting room and communicated in a face-to-face manner. Telepresence can provide clearer site images of users, better visual remote demonstration, more complete data sharing, and more rapid interaction and decision-making. All of these can reduce trips and their expenses, speed up business decision-making, improve employee productivity, and help them achieve balance between their work and life.

In face of increasingly fierce competition, enterprise customers have placed requirements including:

  • Efficient collaboration and decision-making
  • Reduce TCO (Total Cost of Ownership), and save cost
  • Immersive experience
  • Easy-to-use and easy-to-manage
  • High safety and reliability
  • Outstanding adaptability

Huawei videoconferencing solution fulfills the requirements of collaboration for staff in dispersed locations, through deploying telepresence or HD conference system in headquarter and various branches. Huawei provides end-to-end videoconferencing products to enable the conference scheduling and ensure the conference quality. Typical application scenarios shown in the picture are as follows:

Huawei large capacity MCU and management system can be deployed in the equipment room of enterprise headquarter for the administrators to manage and schedule the conference over the entire network, and also maintain the system for troubleshooting. In board of directors' room, three-screen telepresence can be deployed for VITOs to enjoy the ultimate immersive experience. For CXO's office, the high-end personal telepresence can be deployed to provide the leaders with face-to-face collaboration experience. To ease the strain of headquarter MCU, small-and -medium capacity MCUs can be deployed separately in the large branches. RP series telepresence can be deployed in the conference rooms within branches for technical team to collaborate and cooperate. Desktop HD conference endpoints are recommended to deploy in sales supervisors' room, and HD endpoints or desktop media phones for other offices. As for the employees on their business trips, they can connect to a conference for discussion through desktop or mobile endpoints.

The configuration is recommended to be as follows:

Telepresence system: The HQ as well as subordinate branches or representative offices are recommended to deploy huawei telepresence system. The system uses leading technologies in the industry, such as 48:9 aspect ratio and 1080p quality video, which has delivered the fantastic conference experience. The branches can choose one-row, two-row three-screen telepresence system or multifunctional telepresence system based on conference sizes and number of participants. In addition, Huawei telepresence provides some unique functions, such as life-size display, all-around sound localization, and unified intuitive touch control.

Multipoint Control Unit (MCU): The HQ is recommended to configure the capacity of their MCUs (up to 1024*2M with a single MCU) based on the system access capability, and implement backup of MCU (N+1), central control board and power. In the subordinate branches or representative offices, deploy small-and medium-sized MCUs which can connect to the HQ MCU over IP/E1/4E1 network through cascading.

Service management system:

Multiple features, such as unified management of resources including MCU and recording server, user tiered permission management, intelligent scheduling, auto cascading, site and network monitoring, and fault diagnosis can be enabled through the service management system.

Strengths and Highlights :

Immersive experience: 1080p60 HD, true to life, eye contact, spatial sound

Ease of use: one-touch-to join in a conference, one-touch to power on/off, ad-hoc conference, easy-to-use and manage

Interoperability: standard protocol, API, OA integrated

Safety and reliability: multiple backup, signaling and media encryption

Network adaptability: SEC, IRC, low bandwidth cost

Customized: Professional design, industry customized solutions

Huawei telepresence solutions provide customers with tremendous values, by improving their communication and operation efficiency, accelerating decision-making, saving travel costs, and lowering footprint.

  • Telepresence series: single-screen, two-screen & tri-screen
  • HD/SD video endpoints, HD desktop endpoints, desktop visual phone
  • Multipoint Control Unit (MCU) series
  • Recording server

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