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Huawei Telepresence Telecourt Solution

Court is an ancient and sacred industry, the fairness, security and stateliness are essential. However, the following problems make the trial ineffective and lack of publicity.
1.It expends lots of time, labor and money that taking defendant from a jail to a court for interrogation.
2.On the tradition of a trial, the defendant, plaintiff and witness is restricted by going to the same court in a fixed time.
3.It takes lots of court policemen and patrol wagons for escorting prisoners.
4.The procedure of trial must manifest the principles of justice transparency and equality. 5.Lacking of judges and needing remote training in the remote districts.
Huawei possesses of consummate solutions, top audio and video codec technology and experienced high quality service for many companys. All of these advantages will help the court industry to solve problems.

Now the court industry solutions basically have the following disadvantage:

1.Trials always break down because an unstable network and the bad infrastructure.

2.Most of solution is a videoconferencing system, is unsuitable for remote interrogation.

3.It is not propitious for the communication that different court with different system.

4.Lack of operational supporting, standard or regulation.

5.Blurred image and without panoramic video cannot manifest justice.

6.The effect of remote trial that lacking of the sense of dignity, and the telepresence need to improvement.

The above solution of the court cannot satisfy the court’s industry needs.

Huawei’s telecourt solution is an integrated solution that basing on huawei’s telepresence system, according to the court industry needs and characters. It can supply a real-time bidirectional video and audio communication and shows evidence to a remote place. In the criminal case, the telecourt system can help a court reducing the risk that transfering a prisoner, and reducing the travelling of a judge, a plaintiff, a lawer and a witness. In the civil appeal, the telecourt system makes trial effective and avoids long distance travelling.

1.Improve efficiency, cut down travelling cost.

2.Better experience while lower construction and maintain cost.

3.1080P ultra HD, Restore the real remote trial site, ease of use.

4.Standard protocol framework: H.323/H.320/SIP/H.239 ,strong networking compatibility.

5.Industry-leading carrier-class stability, guarantee stable operation of the remote trial.

6.Multiple layer encryption, high security.

7.Super low-bandwidth codec capabilities and network adaptability, to ensure high-definition video when the network is bad.

8.Providing AV integration, developing for individuation requirements, meeting the customer’s demand for integrated, providing a long-term and high-quality service to customers.

9.Support multi-level trial mode, close to the customer's existing organization, saving time for the judges

10.Recording, broadcast and VOD for the trail.

  • Huawei 9000 series HD terminal
  • Huawei 8650/8650C/8660 series HD MCU
  • Huawei TP31xx series Telepresense
  • Huawei C500 series HD Camera
  • Huawei M200 series array MIC
  • Recording system
  • document camera

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