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Huawei Telepresence eClassroom Solution

Huawei eClassroom solution enables you to build a modern, interactive teaching environment through the convenient human-computer interaction, multimedia materials presentation, high-definition video and audio interaction, fast course recording and playback, and intelligent device control. With Huawei’s distance education platform, you can conduct immersive distance training and collaborative learning to engage students with more interactive and innovative educational experiences, while promoting educational resource sharing.

The 21st century is the era of knowledge economy, the rapid development of information technology, population growth, uneven development, international competition and a variety of social problems lead to 21st century education is facing severe challenges. Traditional education becomes increasingly unsuited to the social development.

Backward teaching facilities and methods cannot meet the teaching needs of the information age.

Students today desire more flexible, interesting learning environments. To construct digital teaching environment is imperative for educational institutions to develop students' creative thinking, communication skills, and collaboration capability.

The quality resources are severe concentration and polarization and lacks effective sharing.

The education resources between developed areas and less developed areas are serious imbalance. Additionally, Additionally, studying at specified time and place is costly and may pose security risks. The education should go beyond boundaries of classrooms, schools, and countries, implementing long distance resource sharing and mobile learning.

The training outcomes of traditional remote training are unsatisfactory.

In general, traditional distance education, using self-learning as the main conduit, is devoid of full-scope quality management and supervision, lacks a sense of realism, real-time interaction, and dismisses thinking, discourse, and instructors' leading role. The modern educational institutions require a distance learning system where students can get better experience.

Huawei Telepresence eClassroom solution elevates face-to-face learning and collaboration through high-definition audio and video, convenient course recording and streaming, and intelligent learning environments, accelerating sharing of high quality educational resources.

Efficient remote training

Huawei telepresence supports 1080p HD video, CD-quality stereo audio and immersive experience even thousands of miles away, improving the training efficiency and lowering travel costs.

Education resource sharing

With standard protocols, the solution implements high quality educational resource sharing beyond country and region boundaries. The HD recording of audio, video, and presentation allows students or learners to watch live and on-demand courses to promote sharing of quality educational resources.

Intelligent learning environment

All the devices in the classroom are controlled by the touch panel to implement comprehensive, modular, integrated intelligent control.

The touch panel can power all devices on and off and switch between teaching modes, delivering a best possible user experience.

Innovative teaching mode

Using innovative Multimedia Digital Board (MDB) to supplant traditional blackboards. Teachers or students can draw figures, insert pictures, and play videos on the board easily. Contents on the MDBs can be recorded and transmitted to remote classrooms over the network to improve interaction between remote instructors or students and promote innovation of teaching patterns.

E2E solutions

Huawei provides professional lighting, acoustic solutions to help create a best possible teaching environment. In addition, we offer professional integration design and one-stop delivery of seminar classrooms, live studios, and multi-function classrooms.

Huawei Telepresence eClassroom solution is specially designed for education departments, schools, training institutions, and enterprises for multimedia teaching, distance learning and emploee training.

  • Huawei eClassroom solution improves interaction between instructors and students, enhances students' communication skills and promotes education innovation by providing standard, intelligent learning environments and using various teaching means.
  • The HD recording system enables students to access the distance education platform to watch live or on-demand courses anywhere and at any time.
  • Huawei telepresence supports 1080p HD video, CD-quality stereo audio and immersive experience even thousands of miles away, improving training effectiveness and lowering travel costs.

Product type Product model Product description
Multimedia classroom Live studio

Professional multimedia classroom for recording and streaming
Seminar classroom

Suits for remote seminar
Multi-function classroom

Suits for remote academic report and training
Small-sized multimedia classroom

All-in-one solution, ease-of-use

Distance education platform

TP/VC series

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