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eSpace Education Solution

Huawei has developed eCourse, ePAD, eClass, eClassroom, eSpace UC, and eLibrary. What's more, Huawei eSpace Education Solution is a comprehensive solution that covers the government, education institutions, schools, and enterprises.

Distance education focuses on teaching methods and technologies aimed at delivering teaching using Internet and multimedia resources. It allows students who are not physically present in a traditional educational setting to share teacher and teaching resources. Distance education aims to reduce education investments, improve education quality, make education more interesting, change passive learning to active learning, and allow students in remote areas to receive modern education. The ICT application in the field of education triggers the following trends in distance education:

Huawei has developed eCourse, ePAD, eClass, eClassroom, eSpace UC, and eLibrary. What's more, Huawei eSpace Education Solution is a comprehensive solution that covers the government, education institutions, schools, and enterprises.

A Better Way to Learn

Huawei eSpace education solution aims to:
Create a modern learning environment for schools to improve students' skills.
Provide education resources for students in remote areas.
Provide rich teaching and learning methods
eCourse: Learning Resource Sharing Platform
eCourse is a learning resource sharing platform and is part of the Huawei eSpace education solution. eCourse provides an interactive network community for users to teach and learn and conveniently share training materials.


Distance education portal

Access and authentication

Course news

Student news

Resource retrieval

On-demand and real-time courses

Online on-demand learning

VOD recording

Real-time course access

After-class exercises

Learning plan management

Learning plan creation

Course calendar

Learning progress

Interactive learning community

Interactive learning community


Cloud service platform

High-quality education based on the cloud computing platform

Distributed file system that supports automatic resource allocation and mutual backup between nodes

An independent virtual site for each school

Mobile learning

Learning on PCs, tablets, and dedicated learning terminals

Online and offline learning from any place and any time

Learning community

Knowledge sharing and text chat among classmates or friends

Follow-up and recommendation of courses

Intelligent full-text search

Quick full-text search based on keywords

Search result sorted by popularity and recommendation

eClass: Interactive Teaching Platform

Based on the collaboration conference system, Huawei developed eClass interactive teaching platform. Students can access distance real-time classes using any terminal anywhere and share audio, video, and data with teachers and classmates.


Audio and video interaction

Voice communication

Video interaction

Speak rights control

Video control and deployment

e-Whiteboard and data collaboration

e-Whiteboard sharing and interaction

Seamless integration with physical whiteboards

Desktop sharing and document sharing

Video courseware playing and sharing

Class recording

Real-time recording of classes

Multiple recording modes

Recorded courseware complying with SCORM

Teaching assistance

Electronic hand raising

On-class test

Group chat

File transfer


Distance education cloud platform: Based on cloud computing, the eClass connects both multiple schools as well as schools and homes, which allows users to communicate and share teaching resources.

Access: The eClass provides multimedia classrooms, telepresence classrooms, mobile terminals, and PCs to meet different learning requirements.

Large number of concurrent connections: The eClass allows a large number of concurrent users. It uses conference cascading and vector-based technologies, saving 80% of user bandwidth and allows over 5000 users to join a single class. The eClass supports smooth expansion based on the number of users, which allows more users to share education resources.

Multimedia teaching: The eClass uses advanced multimedia and real-time interaction technologies to allow audio, video, and data communication between teachers and students.

eClassroom: Serialized Multimedia Classroom

The eClassroom is a serialized multimedia classroom solution provided by Huawei based on classroom capacities and teaching scenarios. In addition to multimedia teaching in local classrooms, the eClassroom supports distance multimedia interactive teaching by connecting to the eClass.


Advanced equipment: The eClassroom uses multimedia teaching integration machines, interactive e-whiteboards, and audio and video devices as teaching tools.

Flexible teaching modes: The eClassroom supports local multimedia teaching and distance interactive teaching.

Easy to operate: The eClassroom supports intelligent, comprehensive, modular, and integrated control on electronic equipment in the classroom.

HD real-time audio and video interaction: The eClassroom supports real-time interaction using HD video and CD-quality audio.

Serialized and end-to-end: The eClassroom provides comprehensive and serialized end-to-end solutions based on classroom capacity.

ePAD: Electronic Schoolbag

Currently, 550,000 tons of paper are used to produce textbooks in middle schools in China. The production of so much paper consumes 11,000,000 trees, 55,000,000 tons of water, 330,000,000 W power, 660,000 tons of coal, and 170,000 tons of chemical material, and emits 170,000,000 tons of sewage.

Huawei ePAD provides electronic schoolbag software used on tablets and PCs and dedicated learning terminals. It provides a unified content management and service platform for publishing houses.

Electronic textbooks, massive information, and learning from any place and any time

Dedicated tablets

Lightweight dedicated learning terminals

Designed for students

Built-in learning tool software such as e-reader, dictionary, class schedule, and media player

Preinstalled eCourse and eClass clients

LCD display+electronic ink display

Basic version

7# single-screen display

Wi-Fi 11b/g/n

Bluetooth 2.1

16 GB

Enhanced version


32 GB/64 GB

Common tablets

iPad and Android-based tablets

Dedicated electronic schoolbag software

Online on-demand and offline learning anytime, anywhere

Mobile and real-time class

Mobile terminals as dedicated learning tools

ePAD Management Platform

Functions as a cloud service platform supporting common and dedicated tablets

Supports management of e-book, e-homework, e-test, accounts, education issues, and downloads and upgrades for ePAD software

Values for Promoting ePAD

Energy-saving and environment-friendly, which protects forests and reduces pollution

Reduces the need for heavy schoolbags

Easy for teachers to assign exercises and for students to deliver exercises

Various types of interactions between teachers and students

Learning resources sharing, which improves teaching efficiency

Rich resources, which allow students to easily find content that interests them

Allows learning from any place and any time

Statistics and analysis for making specific teaching plans

eLibrary: Digital Library

The eLibrary supports generation, storage, management, transmission, and service for digital resources. It provides users with numerous digital resources based on the network.

Based on the Huawei eLibrary platform, an eLibrary administrator can implement digital processing and management for non-digital resources.

Values for Establishing the eLibrary

A massive multimedia library and knowledge base

Access from any place, any time, and any device

Easy to use, share, and protect

National culture accumulating, inheriting, and protecting

A part of the national information infrastructure

Department of Higher Education, Ministry of Education, in China

  • Customer Challenges
    The Department of Higher Education lacks communication with the Department for Continuing Education and 68 network institutes in China.
    The Department of Higher Education has limited real-time communication with national and international experts and scholars.
    Students in network institutes are located dispersedly and are increasing year by year. The current class mode cannot meet requirements.
  • Huawei Solution
    eClass integrates audio, video, and data to establish a distance communication environment based on networks for the Department of Higher Education and network institutes.
  • Customer Benefits
    The communication of the Department of Higher Education with the Department for Continuing Education and network institutes is enhanced.
    Scheduled distance conferences and training sessions are held for network institute presidents.
    Education experts are invited for seminars on the network.
    Distance multimedia teaching allows more students to attend classes.
  • China Central Radio & TV University

  • Customer Challenges
    China Central Radio & TV University needs to integrate teaching application systems and construct a learning network consisting of the distance teaching platform, exam system, training system, and on-demand center.
    Network courses in China Central Radio & TV University need to be shared with 44 provincial radio & TV universities and over 900 municipal radio & TV universities in China.
  • Huawei Solution
    Deploys the eCourse and eClass in the university equipment room to provide two egresses to the public network and education network.
    Online courses make study more flexible.
    More students and social workers can attend courses of China Central Radio & TV University.
    Online teaching resource quality and application levels are increased.
    Teachers perform more academic communication.

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