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eSpace Contact Center Solution

A contact center is an increasingly important tool for enterprises to provide users with convenient and comprehensive customer service and marketing services. The next-generation contact center transforms traditional customer service centers into full-service contact centers drawing increased profits from VASs and precision marketing services.

A contact center is an increasingly important tool for enterprises to provide users with convenient and comprehensive customer service and marketing services. The next-generation contact center transforms traditional customer service centers into full-service contact centers drawing increased profits from VASs and precision marketing services.

Huawei's eSpace contact center solution uses integrated green agent terminals that are readily available and can be easily expanded. Huawei contact center manages and dispatches distributed agent resources in a centralized manner. By taking advantage of resource virtualization, the contact center allows enterprises to rapidly establish marketing and customer service centers while effectively reducing construction and operation costs.

Integrated solution with 3rd party system

  • Customer Challenges: The in-house contact center requires a reliable platform with a large capacity and is able to use components and terminals from different vendors.
  • Huawei Solution: Huawei U-series access gateways with open service gateways to connect to third-party CTI, IVR, and recording systems.
  • Customer Benefits: The flexible and open network is capable of meeting various users' requirements.

  • Huawei total solution

  • Customer Challenges: The contact center must be capable of meeting different customers' capacity requirements, have high reliability, and support unified multimedia routing.
  • Huawei Solution: Based on the eSpace contact center platform, the Huawei integrated solution neatly combines different series of products to provide various applications including cloud agent, cloud management, recording, QoS check/inspection, online attendant, online experts, and video services.
  • Customer Benefits: Centralized and distributed networking modes are supported. Video integration offers superior user experience. The inbound and outbound integration plan acts as an effective marketing platform.

  • Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Contact Center

  • Customer Challenges: The contact center must support multiple independent vendors, be flexible and scalable, have a large capacity, high stability, and be equipped with multiple disaster recovery centers.
  • Huawei Solution: Virtual contact centers are based on the eSpace contact center. Users can have unique access codes, different automatic service processes, independent service representatives, and self-management rights.
  • Customer Benefits: Enterprises can improve their competitiveness by recycling network resources and attract more clients using the open system and wide-scale cooperation across different industries.

  • Green agent solution

  • Customer Challenges: The contact center must reduce the number of agent terminals and support flexible agent access anytime, anywhere.
  • Huawei Solution: Provide mobile agent access capability on the green agent platform and support multiple access terminals such as green agent terminals, integrated PCs, tablets, and soft phones.
  • Customer Benefits: Provides energy-saving agent terminals that support mobile access and mobile videos for home or office applications.

  • Green Agent Solution Integrated with the Existing Contact Center System

  • Customer Challenges: The contact center wants to utilize their current platform on the PSTN network with the green agent solution to reduce overall operating expense (OPEX) costs.
  • Huawei Solution: Integrates the existing contact center platform with the green agent solution.
  • Customer Benefits: Utilizes existing resources, protects customer investment, and provides a green and energy-saving solution for home and office applications.

  • Online Customer Service

  • Customer Challenges: The contact center wants to provide multiple service channels, convenient online customer service, and efficient knowledge sharing, to reduce overall workload.
  • Huawei Solution: Provides intelligent services using the knowledge base and integrates social media to obtain information in real time.
  • Customer Benefits: Shares knowledge in a unified manner, and provides convenient online services and automatic reply services, which improves agent efficiency.

  • Online Experts collaboration

  • Customer Challenges: The contact center wants to share specialist resources, and improve customer service level and satisfaction.
  • Huawei Solution: A web client supports UC services and provides voice, video, data, text, and other communication services such as integrated eConference, desktop sharing, remote operation, multi-party conference, and IM.
  • Customer Benefits: Improves attendant reply efficiency and customer satisfaction.

  • Product overview

    Huawei's eSpace contact center is built on a highly reliable high capacity open platform, capable of supporting cloud-based platform deployment, web agent and management services, and high definition (HD) video integration. Using the Huawei eSpace contact center solution, enterprise contact centers will experience improved service quality, faster handling of customer requests and complaints quickly, and an increase in customer trust and loyalty.

Key features and benefits

  • Green agent: Cloud agent terminals are smaller and run cooler, with minimum power consumption of less than 20 W, roughly 10% lower than the industry average for PC clients. Cloud agent terminals do not have hard disks or fans, which reduces noise levels to 20 dB. Cloud agent terminals have built-in soft phones, with no IP phone required. Cloud agent terminals do not save or process data. Data is saved and processed in the background system, ensuring network and data security.
  • Web management and operation tools provide real time monitor, quality control, and report function.
  • Video IVR and Agent Service: IVR menus are displayed over 3G networks, pushing product advertisements in video, improving marketing success rates and customer satisfaction.

Case: Taobao Cloud Contact Center

Taobao challenges

  • Unified access phone numbers: Taobao merchants required unified access phone numbers beginning with 400 to communicate with customers.
  • Taobao Mall needed a large-capacity and reliable contact center: Taobao has more than 40,000 merchants and intended to deploy 80,000 agents for business development; therefore they required a contact center with large capacity and high reliability.
  • Open service platform: Taobao needed an open platform allowing Taobao merchants to easily integrate with multiple Taobao Partners (TPs).

Huawei Taobao SaaS cloud solution

  • Provided an end-to-end cloud-based contact center solution that supports distributed secure access of merchants all over China.
  • Provided the ERP and CRM systems for Taobao merchants using a software-as-a-service (SaaS) service cloud system.
  • Provided massive agent resources and allowed Taobao merchants to register and manage these services independently at their leisure.
  • Provided unified access phone numbers beginning with 400 to strengthen a brand effect for Taobao Mall and reduce communications costs for merchants.

Customer benefits

  • Web-based SaaS Cloud: The plug-and-play function allows merchants to quickly access services online.
  • Large Capacity, High Reliability Platform: The system can support more than 30,000 agents to meet increasing service requirements.
  • Open Service Platform: Services are easily customized on the service platform, quickly responding to service requirements of Taobao merchants.
  • Win-Win Cooperation: Win-win cooperation among Huawei, China Telecom, Taobao, and TP to provide high-quality services for Taobao Mall customers.

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