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  • Government


    For essential government services, Huawei and Huawei Partners provide specialized ICT Solutions with the bandwidth, resiliency, and manageability needed for converged, multimedia applications. Move society forward with Huawei e-Government platform solutions.

  • Public Safety

    Public Safety

    Huawei’s decade plus of experience with public safety systems helps governments, municipalities, and civil authorities implement comprehensive and cost-effective ICT solutions. Improve public safety with an integrated surveillance, communications, and command system.

  • Healthcare


    Smart. Scalable. Cost-effective. Huawei is here to meet the growing challenges of healthcare. From informed, interconnected and highly compatible systems that enhance treatment, to cloud and Telehealth networks that keep providers connected to patients. Make Huawei the first choice for cutting-edge ICT Solutions.

  • Education


    From tablets and e-homework to interactive video, educators need comprehensive tools to create compelling experiences. Huawei is here to help schools with efficient solutions that leverage the latest in cloud and high-speed Internet technologies for enhanced learning.

  • Smart Grid

    Smart Grid

    Huawei delivers the specialized ICT Solutions needed for today’s cutting-edge Smart Grid applications. Highly reliable LTE communications let you deploy automated power management and metering systems, video surveillance, and tightly integrated customer service and support.

  • Oil and Gas


    Flexible. Reliable. Safe. Huawei’s comprehensive ICT solutions help energy companies implement the most efficient communications networks to support oil and gas exploration, production, transportation, and refining in any operating environment, whether on land or at sea.

  • Transport


    Huawei ICT systems ensure transportation by land, at sea, in the air, and on the rails are connected to the communications networks needed to keep them operating safely and efficiently. Our solutions combine all the tools necessary to automate command and control operations.

  • Finance


    With a full array of ICT products and decades of industry service experience, Huawei is ready to help customers in the banking, security, and insurance industries to improve their infrastructures and expand their service channels.

  • Manufacturing


    Huawei is committed to providing customers with innovative manufacturing solutions and services. With our 20-year experience in the manufacturing industry, we are uniquely qualified to help manufacturing customers with fine, mobile, and collaborative solutions.

  • Hospitality


    Upon long years of establishment in ICT area, Huawei launched a complete set of reliable, green and easy to use low cost solution tailored for hospitality by their full-series cutting edge products of voice, wideband, security and wireless.

  • Media and Entertainment

    Media and Entertainment

    Huawei makes media magic with a one-stop solution that blends network automation, storage, and post-production technology to help broadcasters reduce the costs associated with HD programming. Put Huawei on your list for reliable, efficient, scalable solutions that enhance quality and keep broadcasters on the cutting edge.

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