Huawei's Open Network Platform Promotes Application of the NVGRE Virtualization Technology - Huawei Solutions
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Huawei's Open Network Platform Promotes Application of the NVGRE Virtualization Technology

Virtualization is a key technology in today’s datacenter, and it promises many benefits such as greater server utilization. One key promise of virtualization is workload mobility, which can be used to increase overall datacenter utilization and to optimize virtual machine performance. Many topological and operational challenges are associated with the movement of virtual machines. In order to overcome many of these, vendors have created some protocols to form an overlay network on top of the existing datacenter network.

As a leader in datacenter networking, Huawei understands the need behind the approaches to virtual machine mobility in the market. For example, Microsoft Corp.’s Windows Server 2012 introduces Hyper-V Networking Virtualization using the Generic Routing Encapsulation (NVGRE) protocol. Huawei is committed to pursuing open industry standards for all of the network platforms to better serve the customers’ unique environments. In an effort to offer customers the greatest flexibility in solving their datacenter needs, Huawei is happy to support NVGRE and other approaches. In addition, Huawei provides open interfaces to the network platforms, which can be leveraged by virtual machine management platforms such as Microsoft System Center 2012. This support allows Huawei to provide customers with the best networking platforms and technologies needed to solve today’s datacenter networking challenges.

"Windows Server 2012 innovations help enterprises cloud-optimize IT. With Hyper-V Network Virtualization, customers confidently build and manage highly virtualized environments," said Ross Ortega, principal program manager, Windows Networking, Microsoft. "By supporting the NVGRE protocol Huawei gives customers flexibility and mobility."

The CloudEngine 12800, 6800 and 5800 series switches, Huawei’s next-generation data center switches, will support the technologies necessary for customers to solve real world problems, such as enabling advanced datacenter networking topologies and functionality, with industry leading price and performance benchmarks.

The role of the network in solving today’s datacenter operational challenges has shifted from just providing support for overlay topologies to active participation in the virtual infrastructure. Huawei is clearly focused on providing customer-focused products and solutions to reduce complexity yet increase performance and flexibility in the virtualized datacenter of tomorrow.