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Agile Network & SDN Solutions

Huawei’s Agile Network and Software Defined Networking (SDN) utilizes three architectural innovations. These combined technologies help deliver a next-generation enterprise solution which enables swift, flexible network services. Features include:

Fully Programmable: SDN-Enabled, Implementing Rapid Evolution (Four Times the Industry Average)
Fully programmable architecture is an industry first, allowing enterprise networks to quickly expand network functions and introduce new functions in software-defined mode, implementing agile evolution four times faster than hardware-defined networks

Quality Awareness: Quick Fault Detection and Excellent Experience
Huawei's proprietary Packet Conservation Algorithm for Internet (iPCA) technology enables service quality detection and accurate network fault location. If a user's experience is impacted, the network itself can accurately detect faults and provide detailed records about service quality

Smooth Evolution: Seamless Compatibility with Traditional Networks
Huawei agile switches and other agile devices provide dual control planes, which allow seamless migration of the traditional network to the agile network.

The Huawei Agile Network Solution encompasses four sub-solutions: Agile Campus, Cloud Fabric, Agile WAN, and Agile Branch solution. The solution fully satisfies the requirements of new services, such as mobile applications, cloud computing, social media, Big Data, and the Internet of Things (IoT), bringing significant benefits to enterprise customers.

SDN Concepts + 3 Architectural Innovations


Agile Network & SDN offers an unprecedented experience in quality while meeting the requirements of mobile applications, cloud computing, and social media:

Enhanced Experience: Drops in service continuity, pixilation, voice distortions, and slow operational response speeds are reduced while enterprise intranet access rates in remote and mobile office modes are significantly improved.

Reduced Labor and Efficient O&M: The Huawei Agile Network Solution relieves network administrators from the difficulties of learning complex technical terms, managing massive amounts of network devices, completing tedious manual network configurations, and the time consuming efforts of manual network fault location.

Quick Service Innovation: The Agile Network supports the introduction and deployment of new services via SDN. The Agile Network also enables enterprise ICT systems to implement service evolution four times faster than the industry average.


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Huawei Advantage

Huawei has over 20 years of accumulated experience in IP and stands as one of the world's leading network solution providers. As a member of ONF, IETF, and IEEE, Huawei participated in SDN standards research contributing greatly to the areas of network migration to SDN, product development, and customization capability improvement. In June 2013, Huawei switches ranked No. 1 in an SDN interoperability test performed by EANTC.

Working with global resellers and partners, Huawei provides a broad range of ICT products that work together to deliver the benefits of SDN while at the same time preserving the value of existing systems and applications. To learn more about the innovations that Huawei is bringing to SDN networking, please view the following articles:

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For more information on how Huawei solutions can benefit enterprises around the world Contact a Huawei Agile Network&SDN Solutions Partner or Email Us for more information.