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VMware View Storage Solution

A virtual desktop features a high security, manageability, and energy economy. These advantages precipitate the extensive deployment of virtual desktop in cloud computing applications. The high centrality feature of virtual desktops creates demanding performance and scalability requirements on background storage devices. To address those challenges, Huawei provides a storage solution optimized based on VMware View virtual desktop environments. This solutions features a substantially boosted access responsiveness and storage capacity.

With the rapid growth of new business modes and services in enterprises, appropriate IT systems are imperative for supporting service development, quickly responding to service requirements, and seizing business opportunities.

During the past decade, the continuous development and maturity of virtualization technologies empowers x86 servers to improve user experience in extensive aspects such as resource utilization, availability, maintainability, manageability, and cost efficiency. Today, the increasing population and widely deployment of the virtualization IT architecture clearly shows its overwhelming advantage over traditional physical IT architectures. Among the transition, VMware vSphere stands out as a noticeable virtualization platform.

To address preceding challenges, Huawei presents a storage solution by combining a high-performance SAN storage system with the renowned VMware View desktop virtualization platform, which optimizes and integrates the storage and vSphere platform. This solution delivers flexible, effective, and reliable desktop virtualization capabilities for enterprise and personal users, and lays a solid foundation for boosting their service development.

VMware View is an integrated desktop virtualization solution that provides enterprise-level desktop controllability and manageability with impressive user experience. Being based on a proven virtualization platform leading the virtualization industry, VMware View VDI decreases management costs thanks to minimized operating expenditure and enhanced flexibility while, another important advantage, presenting end users with fabulous PC experience.

Huawei has gone in depth with partnering with VMware and yields a comprehensive desktop virtualization storage solution under VMware vSphere virtualization environments. This solution leverages the prestigious VMware vSphere virtualization platform and a high-performance HUAWEI OceanStor S5500T storage system (the S5500T for short) to deliver a remarkable cost-effectiveness, efficient, manageability, and reliability.

Furthermore, this solution introduces a high-performance Tecal E6000 blade server chassis and 20 BH620 blade servers from Huawei to set up a VMware vSphere virtualization server. The tremendous specifications of OceanStor S5500T IP SAN storage system also produce a 10GE full-redundant networking capability, which helps ensure a high performance and reliability of the entire system.

The following figure shows the detailed networking topology of the solution:

High Performance

Being based on the cutting-edge OceanStor S5500T unified storage system, this solution features outstanding performance, overall specifications, and intelligent resource management and creates an efficient and reliable virtualization storage platform. A single system using this solution houses 72 2.5-inch 10K rpm SAS disks, which support over 1200 virtual desktop users running Windows 7 Enterprise Edition 32-bit.

Sound Scalability

The S5500T features a robust scalability and supports linear performance and capacity elevation with increasing disks. Also, it supports up to 288 disks, on-demand online capacity expansion, and up to 1800 virtual desktops.

Preeminent Reliability

Major components and data access channels of the S5500T are fully redundant. Also, the solution supports a rich set of data protection measures such as data coffering, data pre-copy for failing disks, and RAID 5 and 6, filling the requirements for 24x7 service running on virtual desktops.

Seamless Integration with vSphere

The employed OceanStor T series unified storage system has achieved certification from the up-to-date VMware vSphere 5, including VAAI, SRM, and VASA. The integration of the storage system with vSphere maximizes network bandwidth utilization, server resource saving, and access responsiveness. Plus, the storage system effectively improves the availability and service continuity of the virtualization platform.

Easy Management by the Virtualization Platform

The virtualization platform can monitor and manage the storage system using the vCenter add-in from Huawei, simplifying management and promoting efficiency.


The powerful combination of superior-performance S5500T with the optimized vSphere dramatically expands the virtualization platform capacity and reduces hardware investment. Additionally, the S5500T supports intelligent resource management for maximized storage resource, space, and performance utilization, and provides multiple energy-saving functions for reduced system power consumption by over 30%.

Easy-to-Build Virtualization IT Architecture

The comprehensive virtualization storage solution facilitates IT architecture upgrade in data centers and meets the customer's requirements on service development and access responsiveness.

Flexible, Efficient, and Economic Solution

The solution uses the high-quality S5500T which presents a high scalability, conspicuous performance, and comprehensive intelligent resource management, helping ensure a marvelous flexibility and efficiency for the virtualization platform and significantly reducing the total cost of ownership (TCO).

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