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Cloud Computing & Data Centers Storage Virtualization

  • VMware Virtualization Infrastructure Storage Solution

    The network storage system is an indispensable part of the virtualized IT infrastructure. The integration and optimization of the storage system and virtualized platform greatly improve the efficiency, performance, and availability of the v…

  • VMware Infrastructure Backup Solution

    Traditional backup solutions under virtualization environments normally consume excessive host resources and extend backup windows. Huawei launches a backup solution for VMware environments to minimize host resource consumption, reduce volu…

  • VMware View Storage Solution

    A virtual desktop features a high security, manageability, and energy economy. These advantages precipitate the extensive deployment of virtual desktop in cloud computing applications. The high centrality feature of virtual desktops creates…

  • Vmware Infrastructure SRM Disaster Recovery Solution

    Since Huawei storage arrays have been certificated by VMware vSphere SRM, they support the SRM disaster recovery function. Besides, they adopt the consistency protection technology and SmartWAN, meeting customers' disaster recovery requirem…

  • Vmware Infrastructure UltraVR Disaster Recovery Solution

    Huawei UltraVR (UltraVR for short) is a piece of disaster recovery management software that can be integrated with the virtualized infrastructure. Combined with value-added features delivered by Huawei storage devices, UltraVR provides func…

  • VMware Critical Applications Solution

    The VMware critical application solution helps enterprises deploy common applications, such as Oracle, SQL Server, and Exchange, on vSphere.