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Hyper-V Private Cloud Solution based on Huawei Infrastructure

The Hyper-V Fast Track solution jointly released by Microsoft and Huawei is designed to address customers' requirements for private cloud. This solution integrates Microsoft platform with HUAWEI servers, storage systems, switches, and value-added software. The Microsoft-authenticated configuration optimization and unified deployment guide provides instructions for customers on how to accelerate evolution of IT infrastructure to private cloud, facilitating cloud applications.
This solution offers a highly scalable and trustworthy platform where small-sized enterprises and branches can easily obtain substantial benefits generated by the powerful cloud computing capability and do not need to face the complexity occurred during solution planning and implementation.

As the enterprise businesses grow fast, traditional data centers consume increasing energy, space, and costs. Therefore, most enterprises are facing challenges driven by high energy consumption and cost, and low efficiency.

To address the preceding challenges, the virtualization-based private cloud solution is quickly developed and widely accepted by enterprises in recent years. With its outstanding features such as resource sharing, self-service applications, flexible expansion, data security, and business availability, the private cloud solution helps those enterprises maximize resource utilization, reduce operating costs, and ensure business quality and security.

HUAWEI Hyper-V Fast Track private cloud is composed of HUAWEI new-generation servers, storage systems, and switches as well as Microsoft Windows Server 2012 Hyper-V virtualization platform. Simple and easy-to-deploy, the private cloud solution can be flexibly expanded when required.

The solution provides the following features:

High availability

  • The dual-controller architecture designed for HUAWEI OceanStor T series storage systems and the full-switch redundant network consisting of two Quidway S5700 switches and two Tecal RH2288 V2 servers ensure that no single points of failure may occur in the system.
  • The Hyper-V failover cluster function deployed in the high-availability hardware platform enables the virtual machines deployed in the cluster to have a powerful fault tolerance capability. When a node in the cluster fails, the virtual machine residing on this node will be automatically migrated to another node to ensure business continuity.

Real-time migration of virtual machines

During the process of load balancing or system maintenance, a virtual machine can be migrated from one server to another server in real time. This contributes to zero downtime while reducing the maintenance pressure of the system administrator.

Template-based virtual machine preconfiguration

The virtual machine template is used by administrators to implement quick deployment of virtual machines.

Quick deployment and flexible expansion

  • Computing, storage, and network solutions are authenticated in advance to implement quick preconfiguration of virtual machines in the event that the underlying infrastructure resources are ready.
  • An infrastructure can be quickly established to alleviate market pressure and implement quick capacity expansion and smooth migration to respond to the changing requirements on IT resources.

Low risks

  • The hardware platform's excellent fault tolerance capability and Windows Server 2012's advanced detection and event response mechanism can automatically detect and process system errors without any downtime.
  • Virtual machine density is increased while high performance is being maintained. The system status is monitored so that a bottleneck can be detected and eliminated in a timely manner.

Efficient and intelligent hardware platform

  • The integration of HUAWEI Tecal RH2288 V2 series servers and OceanStor T series unified storage presents outstanding system performance and excellent scalability.
  • Value-added features of Huawei T series storage, such as Smart Cache, Smart Thin, SmartTier, and SmartQoS, greatly increase system efficiency.
  • HUAWEI OceanStor T series storage systems with industry-leading performance and specifications and comprehensive smart resource management provide an efficient and reliable storage platform for a virtualized structure.
  • All hardware components are delivered by Huawei, ensuring fast business response and proven business quality.


  • The cost-optimized small-scale private cloud solution facilitates management optimization and business consolidation, which allows companies to start at a small size and grow as needed.
  • Perfect integration of Huawei infrastructure and Microsoft operating system cuts customer's total cost of ownership (TCO) and implements capacity expansion when necessary.

Private cloud provides a good way to organize and manage information resources and businesses so that companies can make the best use of the information resources and businesses. In the private cloud, the tradition IT architecture where businesses exclusively use hardware resources is converted to the service-oriented cloud-based architecture where all businesses share a resource pool. All business personnel can use the resources in the resource pool on demand. This conversion helps enterprises reduce costs, bring vitality, and gracefully respond to new opportunities and challenges posed by fast business development.

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