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Accelerate Oracle Database Performance Solution

Data is the core value of an enterprise. Oracle Database is the most popular data management software and takes a core position in the IT system of each enterprise. As the enterprise grows, the Oracle database data increases a lot, which makes the DB huge and low-efficient. Huawei probes into the problems and challenges of online transaction processing and online analysis processing. Huawei adopts T-series storage products with SmartCache performance accelerating software, as well as solid hard disk storage Dorado of high-performance, high-reliability and high-maintainability so as to provide several tailored acceleration solutions for Oracle DB users.

With continuous development of enterprises business, Oracle database become bigger and slower:

  • How to balance between capacity and performance as the data of enterprise business system grows?
  • How to solve data security problems in application environment of Oracle Database systems and to achieve effective protection, fast recovery and remote disaster recovery of data?

These problems need to be considered in the process of Oracle database development and IT system construction. Huawei launches solutions that incorporates T series storage combined with SmartCache software and solid state disk array Dorado, using Oracle’s smart flash cache and ASM function. It effectively enhances Oracle operation efficiency, avoids core business failure and frees the enterprise from future problems.

Using Huawei T series storage and SmartCache for Oracle DB acceleration

In the scenario of more read and less write, Huawei T series storage array with SSD, combined with Huawei SmartCache software can accelerate the read performance efficiently. When the read request comes, the hot data will be found in SSD and the cold data in HDD, this can reduce the response time of Oracle DB.

Using Oracle Flash Cache and Huawei Dorado for Oracle DB acceleration

In the scenario of more read and less write, for Oracle 11g R2 running on Oracle Enterprise Linux or Solaris, the combination of Oracle Smart Flash Cache function with Huawei Dorado2100solid state hard disk array can accelerate the reading of hot data.

Using Oracle ASM preferred read failure group and Huawei Dorado for Oracle DB acceleration

In Oracle 10 g R2 and above version, the combination of Oracle ASM function with Huawei T series arrays and Dorado solid state disk array can get high-reliability and high-performance. It makes SSD from Dorado and HDD from T series storage ASM a normal redundancy disk group, and choose Dorado as the main storage. Under normal workload, Oracle reads and writes on SSD and synchronizes the writing data automatically to HDD. Once the SSD fails, the business workload will switch to T series arrays automatically. This solution effectively guarantees the business continuity with reduced investment.

Dorado Migrating Hot Objects to Huawei Dorado

Customer will benefit a lot by migrating the whole oracle DB to Huawei Dorado solid state disk array.

Great Improvements on Performance

Huawei T series storage products and high-performance solid state disk array Dorado, combined with the Oracle's senior characteristics can substantially improve Oracle database access performance, by 24 times at most.

Protection on Customer Investment

Based on the profound understanding of Oracle database mechanism and characteristics, Huawei adopts appropriate solutions for various customer environments to optimize the database access performance so as to protect customers’ investment.

Efficient and Intelligent Management

Huawei Integrated Storage Manager (ISM) software simplifies storage management in Oracle Database application environments. Meanwhile, ISM supports alarm notification through sound, light, SMS messages and emails. Thus it monitors the running of entire system and improve management and maintenance efficiency.

Huawei Oracle Database storage solution has been certified and widely used in the fields of government, finance, power and enterprise. It provides users an integrated solution for Oracle Database deployment, data protection & recovery, data disaster recovery and business continuity so as to realize comprehensive upgrade of database and overall protection on core data.

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