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Oracle Database Solution

Being the core value of enterprises, data needs effective utilization and protection. Oracle Database is the most popular data management software and takes a core position in the IT system of each enterprise. Huawei learns about the problems and challenges that are confronted by enterprises in the development of IT systems and understands different features of Oracle Database in deployment, data protection and recovery, and service continuity. By adopting high-performance, high-reliability, and high-maintainability HUAWEI T series storage products, Huawei provides a tailored storage solution for Oracle Database that meets the requirements of different scenarios and applications.

With continuous development of enterprises business, users have increasingly demanding requirements for Oracle Database application systems. The challenges need to be addressed include:

  • How to improve application efficiency of Oracle Database environment to satisfy the requirement of capacity expansion?
  • How to cope with the increasing performance requirement of enterprises business systems?
  • How to solve data security problems in application environment of Oracle Database systems and to achieve effective protection, fast recovery, and remote disaster recovery of data?
  • How to ensure business continuity of Oracle Database?

These problems need consideration in the process of Oracle database development and IT system construction. Huawei launches a storage solution with high performance, high stability, convenient deployment, and overall protection to solve these problems and to adapt to diversified Oracle Database deployment environments.

Huawei provides an entire storage solution for users based on Oracle Database to achieve fast deployment, nearline protection, remote disaster recovery, and continuous business. The typical deployment is as follows:

  • The VMware virtual machines consolidate web server resources to simplify deployment of Oracle Database application systems and to optimize the entire infrastructure. The VMware interoperates to implement central management and resource allocation.
  • Users can choose from T series storage products of different models and capacities according to different business performance and capacity requirements. Meanwhile, users can employ HyperThin (thin provisioning) to improve space utilization of the entire storage system and to maximize the return on investment (ROI).
  • Users can use a preconfigured VM Template (virtual machine template) that is already installed in the storage system to simplify the deployment process and improve the efficiency.
  • In the entire Oracle application environment, HUAWEI virtual tape library (VTL) products collaborate with mainstream backup software such as NetBackup and CommVault to perform nearline backup and periodic archiving of Oracle application data.
  • The resident HyperMirror (synchronous/asynchronous remote replication function) of the T series achieves block-level remote replication and replicates incremented Oracle application data to a remote replication center. Furthermore, the data consistency technology protects the data integrity and consistency.

Simplified Deployment Process

The fast deployment feature of HUAWEI T series and the VM Template cooperate to simply the deployment process, reduce the deployment difficulty, and improve the deployment efficiency.

Multiple Data Protection Measures

Oracle data protection solution provides hierarchical and complete measures to ensure the security and reliability of core data. The redundancy of servers, SAN networks, and storage devices can eliminate single points of failure and ensure continuous running of business system. Protection measures deploy nearline HUAWEI VTL products and mainstream backup software to achieve fast backup protection and recovery of Oracle Database. Furthermore, remote storage of Oracle Database effectively handles serious disasters on site, such as fires, floods, and earthquakes. T series delivers block-level remote replication to remotely store Oracle application data.

Key Application Optimization

Based on deep understanding of Oracle Database application environment, Huawei combines SmartCache and SmartThin of the T series storage products and provides good performance and high efficiency to Oracle Database application under virtualized platforms. Those features greatly improve the access efficiency to Oracle Database and satisfy users' increasing needs for Data.

Efficient and Intelligent Management

Integrated Storage Manager (ISM) software of Huawei simplifies storage management in Oracle Database application environments. Meanwhile, ISM supports alarm notification through sound and light, SMS messages, and emails. It can monitor the running of entire system and improve management and maintenance efficiency.

HUAWEI proven Oracle Database storage solution has been widely used in the fields of government, finance, power, and enterprises. It provides a comprehensive solution based on deployment of the Oracle Database for different users, protection and recovery of data, disaster recovery of data, and continuity of business.

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