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Microsoft SQL Server Solution

With the development of informatization, Microsoft® SQL Server database applications are widely used. Based on deep understanding of the application models of enterprise databases, Huawei employs its advanced T series storage system to launch a storage solution based on SQL Server. This solution incorporates data management software and complete after-sales services, helping enterprises integrate information and simplify management.

In this informatization age, more and more data needs effective management and utilization. Therefore, as an effective method of enterprises' data management, Microsoft® SQL Server database has been widely applied. However, the following problems need to be considered in deployment and management of SQL database systems: Huawei deeply understands challenges in actual environments and customers' requirements for fast deployment, data protection, and service continuity of SQL Server databases, and adopts its T series storage system to create a comprehensive storage solution to resolve these problems.

This storage solution incorporates Microsoft® SQL Server system architecture and Huawei's advanced storage system. Users can choose a proper storage system from different product models according to their application scales and requirements. This enables the storage performance and capacity to fully address users' needs. During actual deployment, HUAWEI OceanStor VTL product and the mainstream backup software collaborate to achieve the nearline data backup and fast data recovery for database systems. The T series HyperMirror function (synchronous and asynchronous remote replication) works with backup servers to provide remote disaster recovery for SQL databases.

Huawei gathers rich experience in SQL Server database applications and uses its T series storage system to provide a mature SQL Server-based practice. The mature practice can direct users to achieve the fast deployment of SQL Server database and give advice to users in data protection, fast and remote data recovery, and business continuity.

High Performance, Reliability, and Scalability

HUAWEI T series storage system delivers high performance, reliability, and scalability and adapts to diversified SQL Server database application environments. The redundancy of servers, SAN, and storage systems avoids single points of failures and ensures the continuous running of business systems.

Multiple Data Protection Measures

The powerful SQL Server data protection solution ensures the security and reliability of core data. During actual deployment, HUAWEI OceanStor VTL product and the mainstream backup software collaborate to achieve the nearline data backup and fast data recovery for database systems. Meanwhile, the data block–based remote replication function saves the SQL Server database data and prevents data loss from serious disasters such as fires, floods, and earthquakes.

Optimization of Key Application

Huawei combines its deep understanding of SQL Server database application environments and T series SmartCache and SmartThin functions to improve the performance and efficiency of SQL Server database applications on virtualized platforms. Those features improve the access efficiency to satisfy users' increasing needs for data access.

Efficient and Intelligent Management

HUAWEI Integrated Storage Manager (ISM) simplifies the management on storage systems in SQL Server database application environment. The ISM supports alarm notifications by sound and light, SMS message, and email. It can monitor the running of an entire system and improve the efficiency of management and maintenance.

HUAWEI SQL Server database storage solution has been widely used in governments, finance, power, and enterprises for the deployment, data protection and recovery, and service continuity protection of SQL Server databases. It enables the complete upgrade of users' database applications and provides effective protection to core data.

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