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Data Archiving Solution

In this age, the explosive growth of data escalates the reliance on information systems in various industries. Enterprise data becomes an important intangible asset of each enterprise, but how to manage the data effectively and efficiently remains a sore point. According to investigations of the International Data Corporation (IDC), the total volume of global data will exceed 35 ZB by 2020.
Among the data, 75% to 90% goes to unstructured such as documents, emails, reports, web pages, XML files, audios, videos, pictures, scanned copies, engineering drawings, and presentations, which stuff enterprise daily production activities. The occurrence of Enron event and implementation of Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX) propel the world to formulate mandatory laws on data storage. These laws specify the data that needs to be saved, cannot be modified nor searched for, forcing enterprises to retain unstructured data for a long term.
After years of exploration for an adequate archiving solution, Huawei launches an integrated archiving solution to help enterprises with online data archiving. This solution can minimize user operating costs, simplify the retrieval to key information, reduce underlying storage expenditure, and meet law-compliance requirements.

Today, global enterprises are facing increasing pressure from the continual innovation of information technologies, laws, and regulations. With the popularity of electronic data in enterprises, the volume of data to be archived arises and data protection importance soars. To address those challenges, enterprise users need an appropriate IT architecture, efficient data archiving measures, robust data protection policies, and proper storage technologies for better law compliance. The enterprise data archiving solution imposes the following requirements:

  • High law- and regulation-compliance.
  • Minimized risks in retrieving electronic data.
  • Reduced management costs.
  • Robust disaster recovery capabilities.

Huawei archiving solution provides a cost-effective online archiving mechanism for data assets while minimizing data loss and damage risks. This data backup and archiving solution enables all-in-one data protection for file systems and email systems.

Backup and Archiving Solution

This solution uses the data deduplication technology and implements cost-effective data archiving and backup. Also, it supports online data storage and recovery, reducing storage expenditure, simplifying data management, and lowering overall operating costs.

File System Archiving

HUAWEI file system archiving solution can automatically archive the inactive data on direct-attached storage (DAS), storage area network (SAN), and network attached storage (NAS) devices running UNIX, Linux, and Windows operating systems. This solution can automigrate inactive data to cost-effective and self-management storage space for archiving, making room for rapidly increasing data such as MS Office documents, web pages, images, and audio and video files. As a direct result of this, the production efficiency and law-compliance improve and data recovery reliability rises.

Email Archiving

HUAWEI email archiving solution consists of tiered storage management and archiving and law compliance archiving. The tiered storage management and archiving can effectively relieve the storage pressure on systems that contain a huge amount of email data. This protects email system performance and enables online archiving and tiered storage of email data.

The law compliance archiving is designed for meeting specific statutory and regulatory requirements on emails. Functionally, it archives log mailboxes of mail systems. This solution features a high integration of email services with centralized storage of archived data, and poses a significant convenience for real-time monitoring and law-compliance investigations by associated legal departments.

  • Online accessibility: optimizes data access experience and enables any-time online data access and reuse.
  • Easy management: yields a high time- and cost-efficiency and empowers prompt data retrieval during archiving.
  • Constant law compliance: manages and saves critical documents, emails, and other data in a way that constantly complies with internal regulations and external laws.
  • Efficient storage: provides a reclaimable TB-level storage capacity by migrating non-hotspot data from traffic-intensive systems to cost-efficient storage space for archiving.

Project background

WISDRI Engineering & Research Incorporation is principally engaged in the following fields: steel, energy, environmental protection, municipal engineering, construction consultation, design, and project contract. It makes the top 10 enterprises with highest turnover in the Chinese prospective design industry, and holds a competent strength in survey and design.

Requirements and challenges

  • Complex storage architecture.
  • Various employed operating systems.
  • Virtual machine (VM) backup.
  • Large volume of data.
  • Email system data management.
  • Data backup and recovery.

Solution description

  • Uses sub-modules to manage different information systems' data by their characteristics.
  • Sets up an integrated data management platform for streamlining a variety of application data and optimizing device manageability in data centers. This fully utilizes existing devices and maximizes the return on investment (ROI).
  • Intelligently manages data and generates reports covering a wide range of monitored objects.


  • WISDRI Engineering & Research Incorporation uses the value-added data deduplication function to delete redundant data for improved data manageability. With this function, the service life of the existing storage system can be prolonged more than five years at the present file growth rate.
  • The integrated data management platform centrally manages backup data and presents user-friendly graphical user interface (GUI) configuration pages, allowing system backup archiving to be done simply by one person.

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