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Huawei High Performance Computing(HPC) Solution

High Performance Computing or HPC solutions are designed for large amounts of computing in short periods of time. The HPC system architecture is evolving from a single computer system with many CPUs to computer clusters. Based on advanced “All-in-one” integrated design concepts, Huawei HPC cluster solutions integrate a full range of IT hardware and cluster management software. Huawei HPC cluster systems offer three scalable delivery solutions: All-In-Chassis, All-In-Rack, and All-In-Room to meet the computing needs of different customers. From end-to-end, Huawei’s HPC solutions are optimized from the architectural infrastructure to the application solutions. Huawei HPC solutions have passed Intel Cluster Ready (ICR) certification. This certifies that all components of Huawei’s HPC solutions offer excellent compatibility, interoperability, and maintainability.

Throughout the world, people continually expect easier access to more information, which increases the demands for efficient processing capabilities. HPC systems are now widely used in fields such as petroleum exploration, weather forecasting, aerospace and defense, life sciences, animation rendering, and physical chemistry. In recent years, the need for HPC has also increased in the areas of finance, government information technology, education, business, and online gaming. The main challenges of High Performance Computing are computational performance, memory and storage improvement, simplified installation and deployment, intelligent system management, and green energy efficiency.

Huawei’s All-In-One HPC cluster solution adopts Huawei’s high-performance servers, large-capacity storage, innovative cluster and device management software, and utilizes the power of HPC to easily solve complex problems. To handle a range of diversified requirements, HPC solutions are available in three scalable options:

  • All-In-Chassis HPC small-scale solution: converged high-density computing, large-capacity storage, and high-bandwidth network
  • All-In-Rack HPC medium-scale solution: highly integrated design, infrastructure devices and IT devices in one rack, plug-and-play
  • All-In-Room HPC large-scale solution: modular design, fast installation, on-demand deployment, high efficiency, and intelligence
  • Converged architecture: Highly-integrated computing, storage, and networking; superior hardware and open software architecture — all designed for the ultimate performance platform.
  • Flexible deployment: All-in-one, modular design, high integration, on-demand fast deployment, fast service application, and flexible expansion.
  • Intelligent management: Efficient scheduling with multiple strategies, customizable workflow, unified management with visual interfaces.
  • Energy saving: Energy-efficient design from board to system, intuitive and real-time monitoring with green technologies.
  • Professional services: Service network around the world, customizable design, end-to-end delivery.

Provides scalable HPC products and solutions to all industries

Huawei provides scalable end-to-end high performance computing solutions based upon years of Research and Development experience in both hardware and software, as well as collaborating with industry-leading application software providers. The “All-in-one” design concept leads to a balanced system architecture including hardware, software, and services to satisfy diverse customer requirements. By adding on-demand, expandable sharing features, Huawei’s HPC solutions not only meet the traditional supercomputing cluster management needs, but also have an easy evolution for cloud computing.

One-stop solution: shortens time to get system operational

Huawei provides a one-stop solution from design, through converging computing, storage, networking and software. The result is simplified system deployment, which shortens the time required to get a system up and running. With pre-configured and standard interfaces, the onsite solution installation can be completed within 1 week. Deployment efficiency is improved by 50% compared to traditional installation modes. Systems Administration management is also simplified and maintenance costs are reduced.

Intelligent management, Energy-saving

Huawei HPC software has a component-based, Web-based Graphical User Interface (GUI) for intelligent management. Huawei’s HPC software can meet the needs of users in different sectors with customized and pre-integrated application software.

Intelligent management features provide: comprehensive job management, efficient job scheduling, unified cluster management and monitoring, intelligent energy management, and improved account management. At the same time, energy savings are optimized by efficient design for in-row air conditioners, modular UPSs, enclosed cold passages, and deeply integrated Power Distribution Frames (PDFs). The result is a Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) index less than 1.5.

Professional services for entire HPC system lifecycle

Huawei offers professional services covering consulting and planning, architectural design customization, deployment, system optimization, or personalized applications services for the entire HPC system lifecycle.

RH2288 V2 rack servers and E9000 CH221 blade servers can incorporate Intel Xeon Phi processors, offering MIC acceleration solutions with high cost-effectiveness, energy savings, and portability.

Contact for further information.

Intel Cluster Ready (ICR) is designed for HPC to develop a standard architecture. With this architecture, hardware manufacturers and software vendors can better interoperate and integrate, cluster systems can be compatible with a wider range of application software, and customers have greater capabilities. All components of Huawei’s HPC solution offer excellent compatibility, interoperability, and maintainability. Clusters are easy to design, deploy, operate, manage, and maintain. Huawei HPC products have been certified by ICR.

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