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Cloud Computing Solution

FusionCloud: Convergence for business agility

The Huawei FusionCloud solution supports vertical and horizontal integration of architectures, a variety of terminals, and data. FusionCloud allows enterprises and traditional data centers to simplify their IT infrastructures and build business value.

FusionCloud alleviates all of the issues regarding the efficiency and cost of traditional, bulky IT infrastructures that support core services. With FusionCloud, traditional data centers are converted into a highly simplified, standardized, automated, and elastic cloud data center. The IT support system backed by FusionCloud transforms from a costly factor to an engine that drives core service development.


  • Data Center Virtualization Solution'

    This solution improves IT infrastructure efficiency and builds customer value. Data center virtualization is a process based on FusionSphere that virtualizes physical IT resources, integrates software, and builds virtual computing and storage resource pools. This not only allows centralized management and resource scheduling, but also provides functions such as flexible resource scaling and live migration.

  • Data Warehouse Acceleration Solution

    The Data Warehouse Acceleration solution optimizes the FusionCube architecture to support requirements in data warehouse scenarios. This solution breaks the I/O bottlenecks of existing systems and supports all mainstream databases in the industry. It exponentially improves the service performance of existing and newly-built data warehouses.

  • Huawei-SAP-HANA-Appliance'

    The SAP High-Performance Analytic Appliance (HANA) is a data platform which can be deployed as an appliance, or in the cloud. It is a revolutionary platform that is ideally suited to run real-time analytics, and to develop and deploy real-time applications. It enables real-time processing of massive amounts of data in the main memory of a server. Huawei has partnered with SAP to create HANA appliances based on Huawei’s high-end hardware platform which feature outstanding performance.

  • Desktop Cloud Solution

    The Huawei FusionCloud Desktop solution focuses on solving the challenges of the traditional PC model, such as office efficiency, operation and maintenance management and information security. This solution virtualizes and centralizes the computing and storage resources (including CPU, hard drive, and memory) of PCs into the data center, creating a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI). With VDI, end users can access their own "virtual PCs" using thin clients (TCs), personally-owned computers and mobile devices, while still allowing the enterprise to maintain information security and high service reliability.

  • fusionSphere

    Cloud OS

    FusionSphere is a Huawei-developed cloud operating system (OS) designed for enterprises and telecommunication carriers. FusionSphere combines a virtualization platform with cloud management functionality to facilitate the construction and use of the cloud computing platform. FusionSphere provides powerful virtualization and resource pool management functions, various cloud infrastructure components and tools, and open operation and maintenance (O&M) application programming interfaces (APIs). It comprehensively supports traditional and new enterprise services, thereby improving IT resource utilization and reducing deployment costs.
  • FusionCube

    Converged Infrastructure

    Huawei FusionCube is a pre-integrated solution designed to simplify deploying a powerful, virtualized IT infrastructure. It features fully converged computing, storage and networking, with a highly automated virtualization and management system. The resulting system improves application and business efficiency beyond what was previously possible.

Huawei has provided cloud computing services to more than 260 customers in 42 countries and regions around the world. As an active member of the open source community, Huawei works to promote the standardization of cloud platforms and, in 2013, became the first Gold Member of the OpenStack Foundation in China. Customers who choose Huawei enjoy the benefits of:

  • Innovative Products-The FusionCloud, supported by both AWA AP and OpenStack Standards, was created to help customers implement automated infrastructures, on-demand service modes, and agile IT services
  • A Global Network-26,000 service staff and 670+ certified service partners around the globe who deliver 7-day-a-week technical support
  • Industry Leadership-Huawei is the first Chinese company to join the Distributed Management Task Force (DMTF)
  • Easy Integration-Huawei’s active participation in international standardization organizations (IEEE, CSA, ATIS and more) ensures that solutions are flexible and high performance