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  • Distributed Cloud Data Center Solution

    Based on the deep understanding on customers and complete product series, with the core technologies of FusionSphere (cloud OS), ManageOne (data center management system) and Cloud Fabric (SDN network), Huawei provides the leading Distribut…

  • National Data Center solution

    National Data Center integrates governance affairs in a Distributed Cloud Data Center.

  • Disaster Recovery Solution

    Huawei Disaster Recovery solution ensures business continuity, restorability, and high availability.

  • DC Consolidation Solution

    DC consolidation transfer a number of scattered and isolated date centers to trusted cloud data centers. DC consolidation include application&data consolidation, network consolidation, Server/storage/cloud-based consolidation, security cons…

  • ManageOne Data Center Management Solution

    Huawei ManageOne data center management solution centralized management of business and IT infrastructure, provide comprehensive data center operations and service management solutions. In addition of traditional infrastructure virtualizati…

  • MicroDC Solution

    The Huawei MicroDC solution is an integrated micro data center that incorporates power supply/distribution devices, cabinets, heat dissipation modules, network devices, servers, security devices, cloud operating systems (OSs), and integrate…

  • IDC Public Cloud Solution

    Huawei Cloud IDC cloud solution integrates virtualization, distributed computing, and elastic computing technologies, and introduces the modular design concept. Featuring agile-operation, easy-management, ultra-wideband, and minimum impact…

  • e-Government Data Center Solution

    The Huawei E-Government Data Center solution, on the basis of open, effective, and elastic cloud computing, integrates data sharing, analysis, mining, and large-data processing technologies to improve citizen services, increase government e…

  • Emergency Command Data Center Solution

    Huawei emergency command solutions through cloud computing technology ensure the emergency system 7 * 24 uninterrupted operation, through data management and high performance computing technology, strengthen public opinion analysis system i…

  • E-Healthcare Data Center Solution

    Agile Data Center, Empowered Business--E-healthcare cloud promotes resource and knowledge sharing, and collaborative services between healthcare institutions, actively develops collaborations, such as health education, health promotion, chr…

  • Education Data Center Solution

    Agile Data Center, Empowered Business-- State fair education platform of Huawei education data center solutions to provide educational resources aggregation ability to establish a wide-ranging education resource center that brings together …

  • Large Enterprise Private Cloud Data Center Solution

    Agile data center,managing service transformation——Huawei larger enterprise private cloud solution simplifies IT by changing previous architecture of the enterprises. Build an agile, smart enterprise for customer, help customer make full us…